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Why do you travel? Travel bloggers tell their why!

Have you asked yourself this question already? Why do you travel? or why do you want to travel? Is it something you want to do because you want to get your passport full of stamps or simply scratch or tick off cities and countries from your “To Travel To-List” or Scratch Map? Or you simply just want to see all those beautiful places around the world?

Now, focus and think about it again, ask yourself again why you really want to travel around the world? There is more than just ticking things off a bucket list!

Why do you travel Sebastian?

When I first moved away from Europe, I just turned 18. Back then I just wanted to get really far away from Germany and moved to Australia. It was an escape from a country where I never really arrived after living there for almost 4 years. The idea was or lets say the “why” was simple; I loved traveling, hated Germany and wanted to see as much as possible from the world! As you see, with 18 I didn’t care to really think about the why, back then I just wanted to get out. Today I’m so happy I left back then. Why?

1. I got to know myself so much better.
2. I left my comfort zone multiple times
3. I fulfilled many dreams
4. I felt free for the first time
5. I got to know and respect our planet
6. I met incredible people
7. I learned a lot
8. I had fun
9. I saw the most incredible places around the world
10. It defined who I am today

This was years ago. Today I travel to scratch that itch to go out and get lost. I travel to take a break from the routine. I travel to see new places and meet new people and cultures. But I also travel for the way that travel changes me. I travel to find my limits, physical and mental and then I try to push them a little bit. Sometimes this goes well, sometimes it doesn’t but when I leave my comfort zone is when I truly feel alive and free.

Your “Why” can be so much different from mine, maybe you don’t even have a “Why.” I think it is important to know why you want to travel around the world and see many different countries.

For my next RTW-Trip the “why” would be that I want to do all those crazy things as long as I can still do them. I’d like to feel this freedom again of having no time pressure. The freedom of doing whatever you feel like doing, whenever you feel like doing it. The freedom of spontaneously deciding whether to take the next bus or stay in this small fisher-town for another few days to go out fishing with the locals.

When I was living in Australia, I bought myself a 4×4 and traveled through the outback. In the middle of nowhere my car broke down and it started pouring (it never rains in the outback.) I was on my own, the next gas station and town hundreds of kilometers away and no cell phone reception. I somehow managed to take control of this situation. Fixed the broken belt and replaced it with a jeans. I came back as a more confident and calmer version of myself.

In South East Asia, I traveled alone, I forced myself to talk to strangers. Started conversations at bars and bus terminals. Talked to locals, which pointed me to interesting places. I came back as a more outgoing person.

In northern Norway I went to see the northern lights. I sat hours at night outside just looking up and absorbing the beauty of nature. I came back as a more satisfied version of myself.

The “Why” you want to travel the world, is a very personal story. And yours will be different from any other person. I do believe though that everything needs a purpose.

I’ve asked fellow travel bloggers and friends why they travel. These are their answers:

Pete-and-Dalene-Heck-Website_254x169-rev2We travel because for us, there is no other way to exist. It started out as just a keen desire to see the world beyond our own borders, but now it has turned into a full-on addiction. We’ve been roaming for over 4 years and we have no plans to stop.

We crave the challenge of a new location – of speaking with locals to understand their views of the world, of trying new food and stumbling through new languages. The thought of tying ourselves down to one location or owning more possessions than can fit into our backpacks makes us extremely nervous.

We travel because we have to.

By Dalene and Pete Heck from

theplantd-deb and daveTravel changed our lives. Before we started traveling, we spent too much time focusing on careers and too little time enjoying our life together. While work is important, it is also important to step back from life and explore what makes you happy.
It was travel that introduced us to adventure. We had never gone sea kayaking or scuba diving before traveling. Before we travelled, we spent our weekends recovering from the long hours at work and did nothing but shop and to out for dinner and a movie because that’s all we had the energy for.
After we returned from our first trip abroad, we were inspired to change our lives. Instead of going to movies on weekends, we went rock climbing or white water rafting. We went mountain biking and took up snowboarding in the winter. Each time we went away, we tried something new and it inspired us at home in our real lives.
When we travel now, we still always attempt to try something new. Travel keeps life exciting and our relationship fresh. It helps us to keep an open mind about different ways of living and thinking.
We don’t use our travels to turn off and sit on the beach while reading a book, we use travel to reconnect with each other, meet new people, add excitement to our lives. Travel helps us learn about different cultures and it has made us care about what happens to the world we live in. Travel has made us better people and we want to continue to travel to keep working on becoming better people. We think travel can change the world. The more people travel, the more tolerant they become and the more they care about what happens out there. Why do we travel, because we simply can’t stop.

by Deb and Dave from

dan and audrey - uncornerd market - why do you travel

For so many reasons! But if you break them down, these are at the core: curiosity and continual learning. Although we’ve traveled and experienced quite a lot over the last few years, it’s still this curiosity about different countries, people, food and cultures that keeps us going, that keeps us exploring the way we do. We don’t travel just to satiate our curiosity, but to continually challenge ourselves to learn more about the world…and ourselves. Travel expands one’s boundaries, challenges assumptions and pushes one to do more than one things possible. The goal is not just to come home different, but better.

by Dan and Audrey from

What is your “Why”??? Share it with us in the comments…

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11 comments on “Why do you travel? Travel bloggers tell their why!

  1. Natalie on

    I love that for this group these responses could all be the answer to “why do you get out of bed in the morning?”

    We travel to know that even when things feel out of our hands, our life is truly ours. Travel proves that the world gives back as much as you put in.

  2. Marsha on

    Fantastic post. Love hearing about other people’s reasons. Why I travel? I love to get away to new worlds; learn about their history and culture. It is such an escape from your everyday life….and lots of fun!

  3. Nishi Jain on

    As Plato said, the ultimate goal of every human is happiness. And travel is something which gives us that. So, meeting new people, seeing new cultures, getting out of my comfort zone, evolving in the process, the reasons point to one end result – happiness.
    And yes, I’d travel for identity, not to define it more sharply but to annihilate it. Trying to work towards that state of being fluid in your identity, of being unaware of yourself and just focusing on the experience of the world. For me, the state of being free from any identity is the ultimate liberating experience.

  4. Kate Haywood on

    For me, it’s about connecting with people and the stories they have to tell. I’m in Africa at the moment. Whilst it’s wonderful to come and see the wildlife and take safaris – which I love – so many people don’t get any deeper than that.

    I’ve connected with people from all walks of life and discovered that wonderful human bond that exists between all of us. I meet people that I can’t communicate verbally with due to language barriers, but still am able to forge wonderful relationships and experiences with them.

    There are some amazing, life affirming stories out there – get out there and connect with as many people as you can. You’ll be a better person for it.

  5. Agata on

    I once read a very interesting phrase: “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away”.

    I travel for such moments.