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Working space for digital nomads in Bangkok

Definition of Digital Nomads:

Digital nomads are individuals that leverage digital technologies to perform their work duties, and more generally conduct their lifestyle in a nomadic manner. Such workers typically work remotely—from home, coffee shops and public libraries to collaborate with teams across the globe.

While living in Bangkok I came across a couple of nice places that are perfectly suitable for any digital nomad.

Here are my top 3 pics:

1. Café Tartine

Right next to the BTS station of Phloen Chit you will find this beautiful French café which offers delicious brunch possibilities, amazing sandwiches and FREE WIFI. You can perfectly spent your afternoon here and write down your stories while enjoying French delicacies.

2. True Coffee Shops

The mobile phone provider TRUE offers several true coffee shops where you can access free high speed internet while getting your work done. They offer some cheap drinks and some pastries. They often are very crowded since many students use them in the afternoon to get their homework done and hang out with their friends.

3. TCDC – Thailand Creative Design Center

If you lack inspiration, come here. Daily access costs 200 baht but you will love it. TCDC offers hundreds of books and has an amazing atmosphere. You will find many creative students here. It is located in the Emporium shopping mall on the 6th floor.

Do you know any other good places for digital nomads in Bangkok? Would love to read your opinion in the comments below!


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15 comments on “Working space for digital nomads in Bangkok

  1. Lawrence Michaels on

    I like the first place, that sandwich looks yummy. Another option is to buy an air card which will get you online anywhere, although at slower speeds, so you can set up shop virtually you want. My first choice would be a secluded beach somewhere, although there aren’t any of those in Bangkok.

  2. Niklas F. on

    You should totally add the Too Fast Too Sleep Café. Mostly crowded by Chula students since its on the opposite side of Chamchuri Square but definately i nice place to hang out. Free Wifi if you buy some snacks/drinks.

  3. Christian Kell on

    I love the Gecko Bar on Soi Rambutrii. Delicious and inexpensive food and drinks, free wifi and a great spot to watch the daily freak show there;-)

  4. Christy @ Technosyncratic on

    This is a great resource — when we were in Chiang Mai we looked for something similar. You can never have too many cafe/internet options!

  5. Alex Ivory on

    Go to the tippy top of the ultra posh Paragon Shopping Center to TRUE for a high speed connection in a clubby, softly lit atmosphere and work away with the purchase of a bev.. A bit icy though so bring a wrap!

  6. Audrey on

    Good to know about these! I’m always on the hunt for places with good food and free wi-fi (so important!). I’ll keep these in mind for when I hit up Bangkok. 😀

  7. Ramin on

    Tartine looks wicked, I’ll try that soon!
    The True Move shop opposite of Siam Paragon (the one you showed in the picture) also has another thing upstairs, I think 2nd or 3rd floor. If you want to send or download really large files, you can get a superhighspeed internet connection there (they say it’s Thailand’s fastest). It’s a bit expensive, but still better than trying to send or download a large file for hours). And if you have a TrueMove contract you get a discount (I think 20%).
    I love the TCDC, they also have good tables and good lightning, so if you really want to sit and work for several hours it’s nice here, and in between you can chill out on a bean bag or sofa, plus they got plenty of electric charger outlets.
    Another nice place is The Library Cafe in Sukhumvit Soi 24 (next BTS is Phrom Phong, but about a 10 minute walk away).

  8. Mary on

    Many thanks for this useful post! I just want to specify that at TCDC you can get a 10 days pass for 200 baht and you can use the PCs there, but you will not get any wifi password for your laptop. If you want to get wifi and use your own laptop, you need a membership that lasts one year and costs 3400 baht for non thai residents.

  9. Charles Rahm on

    I tried many options as well, but if you live longer in Bangkok and have an appartment, then getting a highspeed ADSL there is by far the best.
    I just couldn’t bear all that noise anymore in the True cafe I went. There always has to be some brainwashing type of Jingle Bells music in all those coffee places! 🙂
    Plus, as of right now (October 2013) True Coffee offers free Wifi for one or 3 hours depending on your consumption, so for one day you would end up spending 500 baht there, which adds up.
    Phone & ADSL is just 750 Baht a month.
    But I think I have to try the Emporium option, sounds interesting! 🙂