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Working, Studying & Traveling with an iPad

[singlepic id=162 w=320 h=240 float=right] A week ago I bought myself an iPad. It is so difficult to get one here in the Netherlands. It took me about 20 phone calls (no kidding) until I found a place where I was able to buy it and take it with me without having to wait for 2-4 weeks until it gets delivered.

Apple did a good job in creating a hype so that people are willing to wait so long until their new gadget gets delivered. I wouldn’t have bought it if I would have had to wait for so long. But I was willing to pay for all these phone calls just to get it on the same day!

Since then I have been working a lot with it, bought some nice apps like works and keynote and worked with it at home and at uni. It is nice to carry around the iPad. It’s not that heavy like a loptop and more handy. Once you get used to the touchscreen it is easy to write with it and to take notes.

I haven’t traveled with it, yet! But I think that it is very handy for traveling because you don’t have to carry your heavy laptop with you an you have great apps, like the wordpress app from where you can directly update your blog on the go. You can even upload the pictures you loaded on the iPad with the iPad Camera Connection Kit (29 $/€). Furthermore it is a great thing that you nowadays can download all these apps and books. No more carrying around of heavy travel guides and if you ever change plans spontaneous you only have to download the right guide. Just imagine changing plans last minute and you end up with a Korea guide in Spain.

It wasn’t/isn’t a big deal carrying the laptop with me and it’s especially not worth buying an iPad only to save on the weight but if you have decided to buy one for whatever reason it is a nice alternative for laptops.

I am really looking forward to take it with me on my next adventure. We will see if my expectations are right!

What is your experience with the ipad?

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2 comments on “Working, Studying & Traveling with an iPad

  1. Jade on

    We really want to get an iPad but haven’t yet. It’s true about creating the hype- it’s hard to escape and not want the dang thing!!

    • seba on

      I think it’s a great thing. But you really have to be sure that you need it. I use it at uni and sit with it on the sofa and write emails at night while watching tv at night. But furthermore I don’t use it a lot. I’m planning my next trip at the moment and I’m looking forward to use it on the go and see how great it really works. I’m really curious about using it without Internet when abroad. Most off the apps do need Internet access I think….