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Castles of Transylvania

Brasov, Romania

Transylvania is know for Dracula. Thanks to Bram Stoker the Author of Dracula the region around Brasov had a big boom and tourists from all around the world wanted to see the Castle of Dracula.

The castles of Transylvania are all about 40 minutes to one hour away from Brasov. Easy accessible by bus and car.

Bran Castle aka Dracula’s Castle

It looks mysterious from the distance when you enter the town of Bran. The castle was on a hill overlooking the town. While the sun was shining when we visited, the castle itself was covered in fog. Very interesting and it made it very spooky.

You have to pay an entrance fee of 20 LEI to be allowed to enter the Castle.

The castle itself is very well conserved and looks very good from the outside and the inside. Unfortunately there is this huge hype around it and you already have to wait, after you passed all the souvenir shops, to get the tickets because hundreds of others also want to see it.

Due to the big hype around the castle, the owners, bought antiques to fill the rooms. Unfortunately, most of the things in the rooms are not originals and don’t even belong to the history of the castle.

The stories about Dracula are so popular that not many people pay attention to other castles in the Area.

Peles Castle – Most beautiful castle ever seen

It is said to be the most beautiful castle of Europe. When we got there on a Monday afternoon (Note that most attractions are closed on Mondays). The castle was closed. Luckily, some security guards were walking around the castle and for 50 LEI they forgot that it was closed and we had 20 minutes to walk around the gardens and absorb the beauty of the place.

I wish I went straight to Peles Castle as it was getting dark already and I would loved to see it with the sun shining on it on this beautiful October day.

Go straight to Peles

I planned my trip around Halloween and wanted to be in Transylvania for it. That is why first thing I went to Dracula’s Castle. Unfortunately, Bran Castle was very disappointing as most of the things are more show and its too crowded.

I would go straight to Peles next time and check out the other castles and ruins in the region which are more attractive and cheaper than DC.

But then again, it’s a great story to tell people that I was at Dracula’s Castle on Halloween.

Have you ever been to Transylvania? What did you like most?

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19 comments on “Castles of Transylvania

  1. Camels & Chocolate on

    Peles is also one of my all-time favorites…Scott and I spent our first Christmas together in a snowy Romania in 2005 (we were Erasmus students and between one semester in Holland and one in Denmark), and I loved everything about the country.

      • Camels & Chocolate on

        Nope! It was so snowy that it took forever to drive anywhere, so we only got to Poiana Brasov then drove back to Hungary via the northern route through Sighisoara. Spent about 10 days there in total.

  2. dtravelsround on

    Peles rocks!!! 🙂 Glad you made it to both Bran and Peles though, that way you could know what you were/weren’t missing. 🙂

  3. Erik on

    It’s amazing how popular Romania is getting as a destination. When I was last in Europe in 2004, it was still a very hard and sketchy place to visit. Glad to see it’s gems are easier to explore now.

  4. Yvonne on

    Oh wow, never heard of Peles castle! Looks beautiful!!! Although I still think I also have to visit Bran Castle when I get there one day… any tips how to avoid the crowds?

    • seba on

      Not really, as far as I know you cannot purchase the entrance tickets before… so have to queue up! But if you go early in the morning or late in the afternoon it’s not that busy!

  5. Christina on

    It’s so amazing this castle… I saw it in real and i lave it… I wish i will go and the second time to see more thingw or the same things that i saw tha first time… Guys you have to go… It’s like paradise…. 🙂

  6. Security Guards Christchurch on

    very nice article……… The castles of Transylvania is the most beautiful castles of europe………….Transylvania is know for Dracula. Thanks to Bram Stoker the Author of Dracula the region around Brasov had a big boom and tourists from all around the world wanted to see the Castle of Dracula.