Auf geht`s! Finde die besten Tipps für Deine Australien Reise.


So you want to travel to Australia or New Zealand but you don’t know how to fly? I’ll tell you: Try to stop in Bangkok on the way to the east.

Bangkok has it all, the exotic charm, the hectic city life, the small little back streets, weird and delicious food, friendly locals and two big airports to continue your journey!

Most times I flew to Asia or Australia I took Emirates. Its one of the most comfortable airlines, you can find some really good deals and they often fly with the A380, which is my favorite airplane (I got upgraded to Business once, WOW!)

I like Bangkok for many different reasons, it’s central, it’s cheap and it was my home for a year. From Bangkok you can travel to many destinations around South East Asia for very small amounts. Malaysia and Singapore are a night train or sometimes just a $20 flight away. They just opened a new route from Bangkok to Angkor Wat, which takes less than an hour and is super cheap and also flights to Vietnam and Myanmar are affordable.

I know many people, myself included, that often just want to get to a place as quickly as possible. Last time I flew to Sydney I had the option to stop in either Singapore, Bangkok or Colombo for a few hours or even for a few days.

I decided for a layover of 3 hours and continued my journey. I had a lot of time, no rush and no real plans. I could have simply stayed at any of those places and get used to the time difference. Instead I decided to be super jet lagged for a week.

Plan a short trip in or around South East Asia 

So instead of sitting in an airplane for 24 hours straight, why don’t you break down your itinerary and plan a stop over of a few days or a week in Bangkok on the way to Australia or New Zealand AND on the way back. This way you get to cover much more and are less stressed and exhausted from sitting in a metal tube at 40.000 feet.

The perfect itinerary

Plan a stop over in Bangkok for a week and fly to a country near Bangkok. Myanmar is up and coming lately and you can find cheap flights to Yangoon. How about spending a few days in Myanmar and visiting the country of the thousand pagodas in Bagan and a trip to the Inle Lake to visit the famous fisherman. 5 days are enough to get a general feeling for the country and see those two cities.

Make your way back to Bangkok and continue your journey to Australia or New Zealand.

On your way back, stop in Bangkok again and explore the bustling street markets, eat delicious street food and relax in a nice hotel for an affordable price. The Centara Grand at Central World starts from 64 € and it’s a fantastic hotel right in the middle of Bangkok with an amazing view.

If you are looking for more information regarding what to do in Bangkok, make sure to download my FREE guide for Bangkok called “One Week in Bangkok”

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