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Why You Should Go Camping Through Europe!

Camping can be an adventure itself and you’ll never feel as free like when travelling with a camper! You can choose where to drive today, where to stop on the way, where to sleep tonight, where to go tomorrow and where to stay a little longer. In the mornings you wake up surrounded by beautiful nature and at night you go to bed under a blanket of stars – is there anything better than this feeling of freedom? Grab a car and go for an amazing road trip!

Southern Europe: the perfect camping destination

And you don’t even need to go that far to do camping! Many people fly all the way to Canada, or even Australia and New Zealand to do a road trip and sleep in their campers or tents. But you can safe long hours of travels to these countries and the high cost of flights, because Europe is just as much a great camping destination! Especially the southern countries such as Spain, Portugal or France offer great nature and lots of sporting activities. In these countries the Yelloh! Village offers their award winning camping parks, which are ideal for holidays with your family or friends!

Lots of sport and adventure

In summer you can enjoy the many beautiful beaches, go surfing, kite surfing or white water rafting, in spring and autumn it’s the perfect time for hiking, climbing, kayaking or horse back riding and in winter you can even go skiing and snow boarding!

Stunning nature and landscapes

Sometimes even I forget how beautiful Europe is and what an amazing landscape and nature we have here. You always think of countries far away and more exotic than your home when thinking about your next destination to go. The more away, the more different and the more amazing and memorable it is – that’s what we often think. But that’s not really true! Did you know that we have great beaches, stunning mountains and great gorges in Europe as well? We do. And all this is best discovered with a camper!

The best spots to go camping in southern Europe

Since I’m half Spanish I must admit that I love the sun and countries where ist is mostly warm during the year. This is where I feel home, where I have no problems to get out of bed in the mornings and where my mood simply goes up. And since Europe is pretty big itself, I have looked for the best camping spots in southern Europe only! And here are my best tips and recommendations for you:


I simply love surfing and this is why Portugal kind of tops my list of best places to go camping. Especially the Algarve coast is known for its great waves and surfing spots! The beaches and the coastline are incredible and the temperature is mostly warm throughout the whole year, at least it doesn’t get much colder than 10 degrees in the southern part of Portugal. One of my favourite spots is Lagos, which is great for surfing, hiking but also horse riding.

It’s very close to the town Porto, which is very charming and always makes a perfect visit: great restaurant, pretty houses and very friendly Portuguese! If you’re not keen to driving that much on your road trip and depending on your actual home base, Porto also has a fairly large airport you can fly to. Most of the known airlines but also many low cost airlines fly regularly to Porto. Lisbon is not too far either, and if you want to, you can drive there within 3 hours and spend your day in Portugal’s capital. Lisbon is also a very charming city, it is modern and traditional at the same time and has a very relaxed vibe.

Camping spot near Lagos
Camping Algarve Touriscampo


Spain is where I grew up and of course this country will always find a place in my heart. I love Spanish food, the tapas, Spanish wine and Barcelona is one of my favourite cities in the world! Spain also has some great beaches and a great countryside, especially in late spring and summer this is where you want to go.


I grew up on the island Mallorca which is quite known and a very popular destination already. Not far from Mallorca you will find its little sister Menorca, a very beautiful island with lovely bays, blue waters and hot summers! Menorca is perfect for swimming, sailing and cycling. Not many people travel to Menorca making it the perfect off the path destination in the Baleares!

Camping spot on Menorca
Camping Les Baleares Son Bou


This little town and its surroundings make a great camping destination. The city Girona is a very charming old university town with lots of bars and a great, old architecture. It’s also less than 1.5 hours away from Barcelona and close to the beach. This area is especially great for mountain-biking as there is one of the most beautiful trails, and you can also do a lot of water sport activities as well as horse riding.

Camping spot near Girona
Camping Mas Sant Josep


I think not many people have France on their list of countries to travel, or to do a road trip in, and I really wonder why. France is quite a big country in Europe and has a lot of great and diverse nature to offer. It is not far from Germany, or from the UK and other European countries and quite easy to access. And it is such a great country for doing sports and being active outside! Especially France’s countryside has a lot to offer: you can find stunning mountains which are great for hiking and climbing, great rivers and lakes for rafting or kayaking and lovely beaches for swimming, surfing and kite surfing. And of course French wine and cheese always make a good excuse in the evenings!


Perpignan is a small but very cute town in France’s south and very close to the Spanish border. You can feel the influences of French and Catalan culture very well, giving the city its very own charm. You can get great local food and wines here, and the city even has a relatively busy airport. Perpignan and its surroundings offer great sporting activities as you can go diving, do wind and kitesurfing, and sailing or explore the stunning countryside close to the Pyrenees and the Canigou Massif, which are great for hiking, rock climbing and white water rafting!

Camping spot near Perpignan
Camping Le Brasilia


Another great place also close to the Spanish border is the region surrounding the small village Bidart. Bidart is quite pretty, has a nice beach and is a great place to do surfing as well! You can also go for a rafting trip in the countryside, do a hiking trip or simply enjoy the beautiful landscape close to the Basque country between the Pyrenees and the Atlantic. And if you feel like crossing the border, the super pretty Spanish town San Sebastián is only 45 minutes by car. This region is also known for its great food and culture!

Camping spot near Bidart
Camping Ilbarritz


Why do people only think of Paris when thinking of cities in France? Bordeaux is just as beautiful, has great architecture, castles, a river, wines and warm weather! The city really is super pretty and has a lot to offer like the famous Place de la Bourse, the bridge Pont de Pierreor or the Grand Theatre. And Bordeaux’s surroundings are just as pretty as the city: beautiful vineyards, river valleys, forrest, lakes, beaches and great dunes! And this area is perfect for cycling, horse riding, sailing, kite surfing or stand up paddling!

Camping spot near Bordeaux
Camping Les Grands Pins


Did you know that France has some awesome gorges? It does! Not far from the little charming town Avignon you’ll find the region called Ardèche. Especially if you like canyoning, this is the place to go! But you can also do rafting and caving or go on an adventure on really cool area assault courses! And if you’re into wine, the area around Avignon has great wines too!

Camping spot near Avignon
Camping La Plaine


Grenoble is a cosy city right at the foot of the French Alps and offers a lot of mountain sports! In winter it’s perfect for skiing and snow boarding and in summer you can do climbing, canyoning, caving or even paragliding. Of course mountain biking and hiking is also a great option to explore the mountains – and you gonna have so much fun!

Camping spot near Grenoble
Camping Au Joyeux Réveil


This is a little commune in the east of France and very close to the Swiss border. It is also nestled in the beautiful Jura region which is perfect for adventurous holidays! There are plenty of lakes, waterfalls and forrest where you can do hiking, horse riding and a lot of great water sports! And if you feel like doing a day trip the beautiful Swiss city Geneva, this town is less than two hours away by car.

There’s really so much to do and discover in southern Europe, making it a perfect destination for road trips and camping. Especially France is great as is has a lot of camping spots and a lot of adventurous activities to offer. But also Spain and Portugal are great places to do camping and feel free on the road!

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