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How to prepare a road trip!

A road trip with friends is a great thing. You are flexible with a car, you have people around you like and know and you get to do whatever you want. However, a road trip should be planned a bit.


1. Plan a road trip

The great thing about road trips is the flexibility you have while exploring a new place. However, you should have a rough route in mind. Check out the approximate route you will be driving. Driving without a target can be fun but getting lost in the middle of nowhere isn’t. Also let friends and family know where you will be approximately.

2. Prepare your vehicle for a road trip

It is very important that when doing a road trip that you check your vehicle before you leave. You might want to check tires, engine, oil level etc… also take with you a jumper cable and an extra tire. One way to avoid this, is to hire a campervan where all maintenance has already been made.


3. Pack only things you really need for a road trip

An advantage of a road trip is that you can carry much more than you would take with you when you would fly somewhere. You don’t need to carry all that camera gear etc… however, remember that you will probably travel with others and that everyone should be able to bring the same amount of things.

4. Use your stops on a road trip

If you travel in Australia for example you should never skip a stop. Use every gas station, every toilet and every restaurant you can find on the side of the road. In the outback it can happen that there is no stop for hundreds of kilometers.

5. Use the time on the road

When driving for a longer time, use your time to check the itinerary and make plans with your passengers. Also prepare some road games for the quieter time in the car.

You can also use the quiet time to read a book. When traveling for such long distances and in order to safe some space I would always recommend to travel with a kindle.

Ever been on a road trip? What would you recommend? I’m looking forward to your opinion in the comments!

Sebastian Canaves
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