8 Things You Didn’t Know About Athens

I’ve just returned from a few days at the greek capital and had a really good time. Discover Greece asked me and other bloggers to come to Athens for a Think Tank. I immediately said yes, since I love to talk about business and travel. As you know, together with Conni from Planet Backpack and I run the first blogging school in Germany called Blog Camp. So when Discover Greece said that we would be invited to a Think Tank to meet Greek start up I was already sold.

The most memorable start ups that presented themselves were Dopios and Incrediblue. I already knew both for a while but haven’t tried either of them before. Dopios aims at connecting travelers with locals for a more authentic experience and Incrediblue is the AirBnB of the sea. You can rent a boat from private people and go sailing. I’m considering putting together a short trip with Planet Backpack and Bruder Leichtfuss!

Besides the Think Tank we spent a few wonderful days in the greek capital.

These Are 8 Things To Know About Athens:

1. There is a HUGE street art scene

I’m not a fan of most “street art”. To me, it often is vandalism what most people do, paint or write to the walls and its no difference in Athens. However, in between all the unreadable tags you’ll find some real artworks from local artists. Some of those artists even collaborate and create even bigger and more awesome art works. You will find them anywhere. The city is covered with graffiti, everywhere and around any corner. Painting or spraying walls has always been a way of express feelings and it seems that most use it to write bad things on walls, however, a few truly understand how to express themselves through beautiful pictures.

We did a really cool street art tour with Manolis Iliopoulos from Dopios. Highly recommendable since he knows all the local artists and the meaning behind (almost) all pieces.

2. There are some amazing (underground) bars

I’m not sure underground is the best word to describe this. However, we did a walking tour with AthensInsiders and saw a few awesome bars on the many streets in the center of Athens. One particular that we went back to have a few drinks was Six Dogs. An outdoor bar build on a little hill in a patio of a big building. Very hipster but also very cool and the crowd is so mixed. Really love the bar scene in Athens.

Adress Six Dogs : Avramiotou 6-8

3. Great Food

My perception of Greek food was what I got offered abroad in Germany or other countries. Mediocre Gyros with a lot of Tsatsiki, however this is not what greek food is all about. The food in Greece is absolutely delicious and I think I gained a few kilos while eating my way through Athens.

We tried delicious Souvlaki but also other delicious traditional meals at the first museum for greek gastronomy. A great museum that tries to show you the variety of greek cuisine. The good thing about it, is that it also has a restaurant where it also shows you how delicious the cuisine is. Practice what you preach! I love it!

Adress: Agiou Dimitriou 13

4. The amazing Acropolis

When it comes to culture and history I’m really bad at remembering numbers and all details. However, the fact that the it took only 9 years to build the Acropolis and it already takes over 20 years to restorate it just blew my mind. I had to remember this. It’s really cool to see this impressive monument up close and definitely worth the 12 Euros admission fee.

From the highest point of the city (acro = highest point, polis= city) you have an amazing view over the city. Come up here for the golden hour and you have Athens presenting itself in a beautiful golden dress!

5. Most people speak good English and Greek is a beautiful language

I was very surprised that most people spoke very decent English. We didn’t have a problem with communicating with locals a single time. Also Greek is a very beautiful and smooth language.

6. Taxis are super cheap

This is something that amazed me the most, the taxi prices in Athens are very, very cheap! A taxi ride from the acropolis to our apartment (Sina Street) took about 10 minutes and cost 3,50 €! This is simply incredible!

7. Perfect starting point for your island hopping adventure

I haven’t done this myself, however, Conni from Planet Backpack stayed longer and took a ferry from Athens to Santorini for only 30 €. Athens, is the perfect starting point for your island hopping adventure. You get to explore and stay in the city and have enough time to make up your mind which of the hundreds of islands you will visit!

8. Perfect for any budget

Last but not least, Athens is perfect for any budget. If you are on a little budget you’ll have the time of your life here also when you have plenty of money to spend. During the time we’ve been here we had a fun night out at a little restaurant with our friend Jodi from Legal Nomads and ate a full meal (chicken + bacon) with a side dish of fries, 2 liters of water and 1,5 liters of white wine for 12,50 €. This is what I call an amazing deal!

On the other hand we also had dinner at the Divani Acropolis Hotel rooftop restaurant looking at the acropolis with 25 € Steaks. You see, everything is possible here.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and come to Athens! 

If you want to visit Athens now, check the cheapest flights at Skyscanner or Momondo. If you book them directly through this link we will get a little commission but you won’t pay a single cent extra. This way you help us to write even more reviews in the future! EFHARISTO (Greek = Thank you!)

Have you ever been to Athens or are you planning to visit Athens soon?

Thanks to Discover Greece for making this experience possible! 

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