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10 Reasons to visit Brisbane

In 2008 I moved to Brisbane, the capital and biggest city of the state of Queensland. Back then I just finished school and didn’t know what to do and ended up in Australia.

Here are some reasons why I loved living in Brisbane so much.

1. Perfect climate

      Brisbane has warm and humid summers and dry moderately warm winters. It’s the perfect climate for people who like to have different seasons but hate the cold winters like in Europe or North America.

2. Friendly people

Even though most Aussies are super friendly. I noticed that people of Brisbane are more open and friendly towards strangers than in Sydney or Melbourne. Here you are very welcome everywhere and everybody is happy to help you!

3. South Bank Pools

As it is not possible to have a swim in the river without running the danger being attacked by a bull shark, the city of Brisbane installed an artificial beach in South Bank. It’s a great spot to go for a swim and relax during the day and the weekends. Its full of public bbq places and families often sit there on the weekends and enjoy the days off with their children.

4. Kangaroo Point Cliffs

City view from South Bank

You love outdoor sports? Then you will love Kangaroo Cliffs. Here you can climb up the hills in the middle of the city next to the river and enjoy the great scenery of the city. Climbing not your favorite sport? You can go for a run around kangaroo point and you most of the time walk next to the water.

5. Going out in Brisbane

Along Brunswick street in the Fortitude Valley you can find all the pubs and clubs. It’s a great place to go out and you’ll never get bored by the variety of places you can choose from. Around the Riverside center in the CBD you can also find some nice cocktail bars

6. Parkland

Brisbane has hundreds of parks and that is what makes it a very friendly and green city. At every second corner you can find a place where you can relax and take a break. Most beautiful parks are the botanic garden next to QUT and South Bank Parkland.

7. World’s first koala sanctuary

Definitely worth the trip is the journey to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. Founded in 1927, it is the world’s oldest and largest Koala Sanctuary. It’s one of the few places in the world where visitors are allowed to hold koalas for a fee and visitors are also allowed to feed and pet the free-roaming kangaroos in the kangaroo reserve where over 150 of them reside freely.  It takes about 25 minutes to get there by bus from Adelaide St and costs around $4 one way.

8. Mount Coot-tha

View from Mount Coot-tha


It’s 300 meteres above sea level and about 6 km away from the CBD of Brisbane and everybody who likes great panoramas should go up there. From Mt. Coot-tha you have a great view over the city and can see how big Brisbane actually is on bright days you can see Moreton Island. From Adelaide st. it’s very easy to get there. It takes about 18 minutes and costs $ 4.30 one-way.


9. Many things to do

You will never get bored in Brisbane and you will always find something to do. You can go to South Bank and go to the movies, ride the Wheel of Brisbane, visit one of the museums or just go for a walk. Enjoy delicious Sushi in the CBD while sitting at the water or enjoy a cold stubby in the well-known Story Bridge Hotel.

Buy yourself a daily ticket and travel with the city cat up and down the river and watch how the pelicans take their sun baths. You always wanted to make the bridge climb in Sydney but you though it was too expensive? In Brisbane you can Climb the Story Bridge. You won’t have an Opera House to look at but a skyline as beautiful as in Sydney.

Go and see the Brisbane Broncos playing in the Suncorp Stadium or watch a game of cricket at the Gabba.

Not enough? Check there you will always find things to do!

10. Great Surroundings

Brisbane lays perfectly. Even though it doesn’t has own beach access you can easily get to the beach with the car and public transportation. In 1 Hour to the South east you can get to Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast with it’s well known surfing beaches. In the hinterland of the Gold Coast you have magnificent National Parks like Springbrook National Park.

About 2 Hours South from Brisbane and in the state of New South Wales you have Byron Bay. A great spot for everybody who loves Surfing and relaxing. The surf there is perfect and the beaches are wonderful. The town is relatively small with some pubs and some hostels. Cape Byron
is the most easterly point of the Australian main land. If you wake up early you can be the fist person on the Australian main land to see the new day coming in with a beautiful sunrise.

100 kms to the north of Brisbane you have the Sunshine Coast. It has some nice beaches and beautiful national parks. When walking around Noosa you easily get to spot wild koalas hanging around in the trees. The famous Australia Zoo from Steve Irwin is also situated at the Sunshine Coast and followed by other attractions like the big pineapple.

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16 comments on “10 Reasons to visit Brisbane

  1. jade on

    We were only in Brisbane for 12 hours- just long enough to go to Lone pine and see all the koalas! And it was totally worth it! i’d love to visit the city again when we had more time.

  2. Megan on

    I quite like Brisbane – on my first visit it was rainy and quite miserable but when I went back for work a couple of years later I was blown away by how funky the city had gotten! So much going on around the river.

    • seba on

      That’s what I love about the city. There is so much going on! And what I like the most about it, is that it’s huge with 2 million habitants but you actually don’t feel that… it’s a big country town!

  3. Linda ~ Journey Jottings on

    That’s a great summary of what to do and see in and around Brisbane –

    Think I’d also add GoMA (Gallery of Modern Art) part of the south bank complex where we get some jaw dropping exhibitions 🙂

    I love the walk along South Bank, over the Goodwill bridge (walking bridge) to the Botanical Gardens where there’s a boardwalk through the mangroves too –

    Its a fast changing city –
    If you loved it 3 years ago, think you’d be even more enamored now!

    • seba on

      I really appreciate your comment as a Queenslander 🙂

      You are so right Linda,

      GOMA and the Goodwill bridge are great places to visit in Brisbane. Actually there is so much more than these 10 reasons.

      Maybe I should rewrite this post and call it 15 reasons to visit brisbane 🙂

    • seba on

      You should go there soon. It’s a beautiful country and as you have experienced in Maui the people are great in down under!

  4. Mack Reynolds on

    you mention enjoying a “cold stubbie.” i’ve been to australia before but haven’t heard of that. is that some sort of beer? sounds good.

  5. Nicola on

    My favourite thing to do in Brisbane was the Gallery of Modern Art – and I am normally not an Art fan, particularly “modern art”. But had so much fun! They had some really cool exhibitions, and we got to play lego for a bit too 🙂 Guessing it changes regularly, and this was a few years back, but was really good there.