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Crossing Angkor Wat Off The Bucket List!

For years I wanted to visit Angkor Wat and I’m finally able to cross it off my Bucket List. Only a 8 hours ride away from Bangkok lays Siam Reap the gateway to Angkor Wat.

The alarm rings way to early, but it has to be done!

At 4 AM my alarm was ringing. And boy, I’m really not a morning person. But I was about to see something that I was dying to see for years; the sunrise at Angkor Wat. Quickly I showered, tried to eat my breakfast and was waiting ready at the lobby. After all these years of traveling I sometimes can still feel like a little boy about to open his birthday presents when I know that I’m about to see something special.

Taxi please, I’m too lazy at 4 AM!

There are different options how to get to Angkor Wat in the morning but I admit it that I’m just way too lazy at 4 AM and couldn’t force myself on renting a bike for the day and bike 20 km to get temple. Instead I sat in a taxi and was biting my nails hoping for a nice sunrise. But before you get to see the famous temple you have to pay of course… you can find the prices below!

Wat Arun sunrise

Ohh, woaaa, nice… sunrise at Angkor Wat!

Ok I was really looking forward to this… There aren’t many things I am really excited about but I really wanted to see the Sunrise at Angkor Wat. Being a travel photographer makes you enjoying things a little less because you always try to thing about the settings on your camera. This time I tried to not see everything only through my camera but also but my camera aside for a bit and enjoy the sight. I must say, it was really beautiful! I walked away from the big crowd and was sitting alone on the grass and just enjoying the moment.

The temple is huge and you need a couple of hours to walk through it. There are also many other people with you which makes everything very touristy but that is the price you pay to see these kind of things.

Here are a couple of information that might be useful when you go visit Angkor Wat!

How much does Angkor Wat cost

There is an admission price to the Park of either:

One day: $20

Three days: $40

One week: $60

If you aren’t an archeology students or a big fan of it, I think that one day is more than enough. The day is very long though, you start at 4 AM and return to the guest house at around 6 PM. The Park is huge and there is a lot to see.

Sun rises at around 5 AM and sets 12 hours later around 5.30 PM.

Transportation in Angkor Wat

There are different options to travel in the park. As mentioned before you can rent a bike for a couple of dollars and bike on your own through the park. Bikes cost between 2-5 $ per day and person.

The first upgrade to bike would be a tuk tuk would cost between $10-15 and fits two to 3 persons.

For those who like to have AC can get a taxi with a driver for a day for $20 to $35 for the day. This option fits up to 4 people.
Our driver Dara, who was very reliably, can be reached at  +855 12 502 325 ,+855 97 346 5555 or email him at

All guesthouses offer to plan and book your tour. Most guesthouses add a significant amount on top to the original prices. It is often recommended to look for a driver on the street if you don’t want to pay too much.

I can finally cross Angkor Wat off my Bucket List. Have you been? Do you want to go? I am looking forward to read your opinion in the comments below!

Angkor Wat Sunrise

Angkor Wat columns black and white

Angkor Wat

Yoga at Angkor Wat

Blessed at Angkor Wat

reflection of angkor wat in water

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9 comments on “Crossing Angkor Wat Off The Bucket List!

  1. Shanna Schultz on

    Angkor Wat is on my bucket list, too. I am interested to know now that you have visited it if you felt like it was worth all of the hype and time and effort that it takes to get there?

    There are so many “must visit” sites that sometimes do not live up to our hyper inflated expectations for them. Did Angkor Wat live up to your expectations?

  2. Jarmo on

    I went there last year, and it’s definitely worth going! Thou I think that you need two days, maybe two and a half days, as some of the more interesting temples are a bit further out. And I definitely recommend a tuktuk! But after that I was so templed out, I did not want to see another temple for weeks!

  3. Owen Mckeon on

    I went to Angkor Wat a few years ago and it was as stunning as you’d imagine. The scale of it really blew me away – it’s definitely worth getting a three day pass rather than attempting to see it in a day (I couldn’t handle a week of it though!).

  4. Aptraveler on

    Sebastian, congrats on accomplishing your goal! Angkor Wat is on MY list of places to visit. Thanks for such a good write up, it re-assured me that I am right in wanting to go. BTW those are some neat photos!

  5. Merzie Merz on

    I was there last April and it was really a worth visit to the temple!!! Nice place to recommend to travelers to see one of worlds great wonders!!!!!!!!