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Speedboat tour in Holland: The RIB Experience in Rotterdam

Do you know where Rotterdam is? Probably! Do you know anything about Rotterdam? Probably not. I didn’t know that much about Rotterdam before I visited. I knew that the city was flattened during the world war and that its home to the largest and busiest harbor in Europe but more that was about it.

Even though I lived in the Netherlands for two and a half years and also stopped in Rotterdam as part of my holland bike tour a few years ago, I would have never expected that Rotterdam would be home to such adventurous activities like the RIB Experience. The RIB experience is a speedboat that drives with over 100 kilometers per hour over the river Maas.

The ride is so much fun, you go really fast and the ride is very bumpy because of all the waves on the river. The driver pays good attention to what everybody is doing in the boat and tries to keep everybody as entertained as possible. At one point I was trying to post a vine video at full speed when he turned the boat and I almost fell out of the boat. SO.MUCH.FUN!!!

RIB Experience

See Rotterdam from a different angle

When going with the speedboat you get to see Rotterdam from a whole different angle. You get to see big cruise ships right from underneath and passing other passenger boats really close is so much fun to see their face when they see you rushing by. Hilarious!

Duration of the RIB experience

The whole ride lasts a little bit over 30 minutes. But it feels like you are on the boat for at least an hour. The great thing is that you go from 0 to 100 and it doesn’t take long until the boat reaches full speed, which means you can actually enjoy the whole experience for 30 minutes.

RIB Experience


I did the speedboating tour with good friends and fellow travel bloggers. Afterwards we visited the Zwarte Zwan (which lays right next to it) and went laser tagging and had an incredible dinner with rum tasting. The perfect adventure day in Rotterdam, who would have thought?!

You can book this tour at the Zwarte Zwan or on their website (unfortunately only in Dutch; use google translator)

Rib experience


Also check out Michaels video on

Would you try such a speed boat tour or have you ever done something simliar? Looking forward to read your opinion in the comments below!

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