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The 20 most extraordinary AirBnB apartments in the world!

When you travel a lot you will be fed up with hotels sooner or later. Too anonymous, artificial, worn down and somehow all the same. You quickly start longing for beautiful personal apartments or houses to ‘come home’ to after a long day of adventures. We stay almost exclusively in apartments or houses and we… Read more »

Best carry on luggage: The perfect minimalist packing list!

One tends to overdo it on the first big backpacking trip, bringing loads of clothes, often the wrong ones, endless cosmetics and medication and even things that were never used at home. Just in case. The second trip usually is a lot better, you pack a lot less and by the third one you only… Read more »

The 17 most breathtaking adventures in the world

You are looking for a true adventure? Bungee jumping or hiking in the mountains is not enough? When you hear adventure you think of extreme experiences, of moments of pure bliss and this incredible feeling of freedom? Adventure to you means several days of suspense, sheer incredulity and not just a short rush of adrenaline?… Read more »

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If you don’t do wild things while you’re young, you have nothing to smile about when you’re old

Foto Sebastian Canaves Hi, I’m Sebastian Nice to meet you! I love the adventure and I cannot get enough from travelling! I have lived in 10 countries so far and travelled nearly 100, and on Off The Path I share my best travel tips and personal stories with you, so that you can travel the world like I do!

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