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Have you ever heard about an island called Mallorca? If you are European, you did. If you aren’t the chance is small that you did.

Mallorca is a Spanish island in the Mediterranean Sea. The biggest of the Balearic Islands and in my opinion the most beautiful, but I’m biased I was born and raised in Mallorca. Mallorca has a lot to offer, beautiful and hidden beaches off the path, mountains to go hiking and biking, cities to stroll and shop and much more for affordable holidays.

Today I’d like to tell you about some of my favorite places on the island that once was my home. If you ever decide to make your way to Mallorca, make sure you visit them.

1. In the North: Pollensa

That is where I grew up. Small town with a population of less than 20.000 people many old buildings, narrow streets and beautiful hills. In January they celebrate the festival of saint Anthony where they party for two days. On the 16th of January they burn huge piles of wood in the streets and do barbecues, dance around the fire, play music and drink way too much. On the 17th of January the town goes out to the woods, log and peels of the skin of a pine tree and transports it into the city centre. During the whole process they drink crazy amounts of mesclat (mix of different spirits) and climb up the naked tree. The first one to get to the top wins a few thousand euros. It is a crazy festival and only few people outside of Mallorca know about it.

2. In The South: Colonia de Sant Jordi

There is no beauty to be seen when you enter the town. The first thought you probably have is to turn around and get the fuck out of here. But there are some beautiful hidden spots. The old harbor is beautiful and hosts many small restaurants where mainly locals go and eat with their families. Spanish dinners are the highlight of every family and they start late and go long. Become a local and enjoy the fresh catch of the day with a good vine and a great view. In the northern part of Colonia de Sant Jordi you will find Es Trenc, the biggest natural beach of the island.

3. In The West: Sant Elm

I love this little place. It’s difficult to get to, therefore not many tourists will make their way down to this small town. It officially has around 100 habitants and used to be a hiding spot for pirates 500 years ago. The beautiful thing about it is, that it has a nice beach and it lays in front of the island Sa Dragonera and Illa Panataleu.

If you are a good swimmer you can swim to Panataleu. Sa Dragonera is about 4 kilometers away from Sant Elm but you could easily kayak there and go for a hike. Its beautifu!

4. In The East: Arta

Arta is a small town in the eastern part of the island. It doesn’t offer that much but it is nice to dive into the mallorcan life with its small markets and narrow streets. The reason I like Arta so much is that it is located perfectly in the eastern part of the island. Colonia de Sant Pere is only a few kilometers away and so is Cala Ratjada (very popular among Germans)

Have you ever been to Mallorca? Isn’t it a beautiful island?

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  1. Jana on

    Mallorca is one of the most beautiful islands I have ever been to – if you know where you have to go. For most German people, Mallorca is all about Party, Alcohol and Sunbathing but for me, there is so much more to it!!! Beautiful landscapes, cute beaches and delicious food are just a few! If you go up to the North-West, you’ll find Cap Formentor which is absolutely stunning. I went there early in the morning before all the tourist buses arrived and had the place completely for myself – just awesome!!!

    • sebastian on

      You are absolutely right Jana. Mallorca has much more to offer and Formentor is a great place before the buses arrive.

      Check out the hidden beaches article. Cala De Boquer is also one of my favorite place on the island!

  2. SnarkyNomad on

    I remember visiting the artificial pearl factories there. It was sort of a running joke among us travelers that the entire island was fake, but still, it was pretty neat to see how they do it. Makes for a fun activity there.