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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Taking A Cruise

Have you ever considered taking a cruise? Cruises have both a very positive reputation among those that attended one in the past and very negative among those that have never been on one.

I have been on more than one big commercial cruise and have very mixed feelings about cruises but the more I think about this topic, the more I’m willing to give cruises another chance.

My experience with cruises

When I was a teenager my family took me on multiple cruises, we went on two cruises across the mediterranean sea, both starting from my place of origin Mallorca, and one cruise around central america. While it was great back then cruising for days and seeing many countries in a few days I was sceptical about it in the past years.

Then I wrote an article about taking a cruise to 3 places that can really be an adventure and your feedback by email or twitter was great. This is why I wrote this article.

Is it bad as a traveler to actually take a cruise? And are there maybe other options like the big commercial cruises like MSC Cruises?

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider taking a cruise

1. You get to see multiple destinations

This, to me, is the greatest value of all. While I’m a big fan of traveling slow, taking a cruise helps you to get a feeling of a country. You get to meet the people, experience the food and see the country. Often this is only for a day since cruises arrive in the early morning and leave in the late evening. Nevertheless, you get to experience something and it helps you to decide if you like it or not. If you do, you can always come back and explore it more. If not you can stay away and check out something else!

When I visited Tunisia as part of a cruise I did in the mediterranean sea I wasn’t too impressed about it. I did love Italy though and returned many times afterwards. Same for Barcelona, Malaga and other destinations, which I’ve seen as part of a cruise first!

Cruises To Nowhere

2. Cruises offer great value for money

There are some incredible deals out there. They are mostly for the big ships but you’ll find some really cool deals starting at a few hundred euros for week long vacations on sea. For short cruises you can also find some deals under 100 €. Most of the times, these deals are all inclusive and they offer everything you need on board.

3. Cruises offer a variety of onboard activities

The last time I was on a cruise is about 8 years ago. This is a long time in cruising, ships have developed a lot since then and are bigger and better and offer everything you can imagine. In fact, some of those big ships are like moving cities on the water. I can only talk for myself as a teenager many years ago and I remember how much I loved going running on the deck, going to the gym while looking out over the sea or relaxing by the pool. Nowadays, these ships have wave generators for passengers to surf, spas, ice bars, water parks, climbing walls and much more!

4. Cruising is social

There are cruises for all kinds of people. There are the big family cruises, cruises for the elder ones, ones for singles, for metal fans, for rockers, for adventurers and much more. Researching this part was actually fun and showed me how many different kind of cruises you’ll find out there. There is one for almost every niche. Imagine thousands of rockers on one boat for a week. They organise this every year in the Caribbean.

5. Cruise ships come in all shapes and sizes

This is the most surprising. I think that most of us have already taken a cruise without really knowing. We always think that a cruise has to be a huge ship with at least 5 decks, but to be honest, there are some many small cruises that don’t use huge motors but actually sail around the world that are really awesome. 3 of them I showed you in this post and there is so much more. There are small cruises that start at about 10 cabins and take you a week or two around a region like the Caribbean.

Cruises To Nowhere


I think at the end of the day it’s not about if a cruise is good or bad for the environment, since there are so many different ones that come in so many shapes and sizes, it’s more a personal thing about the way of traveling and who you want to meet. Most of us are hardcore backpackers who love to travel from A to B with a bus with their backpack on their back and like to plan everything themselves. For those that want to travel more relaxed and don’t want to worry about anything, a cruise might be a good option!

Have you ever taken a cruise? Why or why wouldn’t you take one? Let’s keep talking in the comments!

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