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The Reclining Buddha in Bangkok

Wat Phra Chettuphon Wimon Mangkhlaram Ratchaworamahawihan or as most of us know it “Temple of the Reclining Buddha” is one of the most visited attractions in Bangkok.

The temple is one of the oldest and largest of its kind in Bangkok and features the famous reclining Buddha, which measures more than 40 meters long and 15 meters high. This statue just hits you with its size when you enter the room where it is laying. Very impressive and everything made out of gold! I visited Wat Pho at the end of the day. At about 5 PM not many tourists are running around the temple and you have a lot of time to take enough pictures and quietly wander around the halls and inspect all the single Buddha sculptures around the Wat.

At the foot of the reclining Buddha you can find over 100 panels which display symbols by which Buddha can be identified like white elephants, tigers, flowers and many more.

In the corridor on the backside of the Buddha you can find 108 bronze bowls, which indicate the 108 characters of Buddha. Visitors drop coins in these bowls as it is said that they bring good fortune. Additionally, this also helps the monks to maintain the wat.

The Wat Pho is also the home of the traditional Thai massage. It is home to the first public University of Thailand.

We didn’t count them all but we’ve seen quite a lot. They say that it is also home to the biggest collection of Buddha images, more than 1000 images hang on the walls of the temple.


Guardian Wat Pho in Bangkok Welcome to Wat Pho

Wat Pho in Bangkok

Buddha sculpture in wat pho in bangkok

Wat Pho during sunset!

Sunset at Wat Pho in Bangkok!

The reclining Buddha in Bangkok

The reclining Buddha in Bangkok

The reclining Buddha in Bangkok

Wat Pho in Bangkok!

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12 comments on “The Reclining Buddha in Bangkok

  1. Claire on

    Great photos brings back wonderful memories of when I was there. Great photo of the whole reclining Buddha it took me many tries to get it all in one frame! It’s SO BIG.

    • seba on

      Thanks for your comment Anthony!! I was fascinated by the colors and the sizes of the temples here in Bangkok when I first arrived!

  2. ChinaMatt on

    Brings back memories of a very long day of walking around Bangkok through temples and the Grand Palace. Still remember some scammer trying to tell us that Wat Pho was closed for some holiday.

  3. Jo on

    During my first trip to Thailand (and to Asia) I was absolutely in awe by the amazing reclining Buddha. It’s also great to see the Thai people devotion to their religion.
    Great photos, by the way!