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The 20 most extraordinary AirBnB apartments in the world!

When you travel a lot you will be fed up with hotels sooner or later. Too anonymous, artificial, worn down and somehow all the same. You quickly start longing for beautiful personal apartments or houses to ‘come home’ to after a long day of adventures.

We stay almost exclusively in apartments or houses and we have a rule we almost always stick to: if we are in a place for less than three nights we stay in a hotel. For stays longer than three nights we find ourselves a nice AirBnB apartment or even a house.Thanks to this rule we have gathered a lot experience with AirBnB apartments and houses over the years and have occasionally stayed in really extraordinary places. That’s the cool thing about AirBnB apartments: no apartment is like the other and some of them are really special!

So we sat down and compiled a list of the coolest and most extraordinary AirBnB apartments and houses in the world!

The most extraordinary AirBnB apartments in the world!

Modern apartment close to Akureyri, Iceland

When on Iceland it is absolutely imperative to have stayed in complete solitude at least once, surrounded only by incredible nature and without another house in sight. In the complete darkness of winter you can watch the Northern lights and in summer enjoy the midnight sun spectacle.

And this modern apartment is just the place for that, the view of the bay from here is breathtakingly beautiful! But you should also check out the surroundings: put on your hiking boots and set out into the mountains, go riding or kayaking, fishing, skiing or have yourself be pulled through the countryside by sleigh dogs.

The apartment offers space for four people, however, two people have to sleep in bunk beds. Not far away is Akureyri, a town in the North of the Iceland, where you can get groceries or simply go out for coffee or a meal.

At 100 Euros a night this is pretty cheap accommodation for Icelandic standards!

airbnb apartments iceland

Check it out:

Apartment for star gazing in Elqui Valley, Chile

You could spend hours looking up at the stars and searching for astronomic signs and formations? This apartment is one of the seven astronomical accommodations worldwide. Everything is geared towards watching and exploring the fascinating and infinite world above us.

The beds are all on the upper floor and have a removable canopy so that you have a clear view of the sky and the blazing stars when lying in bed, utterly at rest. Falling asleep with the stars above you and waking up to a blue sky, what better is there?

On the first floor of the iglo you have the living room and bathroom and a large patio in front, here you can relax at your very own pool!

There are astronomy tours offered every day, as well as bike rentals and horseback-riding.

airbnb apartments chile

Up for a treat?

Bird Island in Placencia, Belize

You are dreaming of having a lonely island to yourself, just like Robinson Crusoe? Well, dream on, here in Belize this is real. Nothing but turquoise water all around, no noise, just the birds singing.

The thing with islands is you have to prepare in terms of food. Restaurants are not exactly around the corner. But there is Wifi! So if you at some point do want to make contact with the rest of the world again, you can simply go online – or you stay in the here and now on your own island.

The island is perfect for snorcheling and diving and you only have to go a few meters from the house and literally step into the water. You can also go explore your surroundings in a canoe.

This lonesome island is 20 minutes from Placencia village in Belize and offers space for 6 people.

airbnb apartments belize


Did anybody say Robinson Crusoe?

The Lilong Kaffee Loft in Shanghai, China

This renovated designer loft in a historical Lilong house of the 30s really is extraordinary. It is situated in the center of Shanghai’s former French Concession which is home to a lot of nice cafes, restaurants and spas and there are many interesting sights in the immediate neighborhood.

High ceilings, a multifunctional center with bedroom and work area, an own patio with lounge furniture – you will instantly feel at home here even in ever-busy Shanghai!

What makes this AirBnB apartment so special is the historical Lilong house of which only a few are preserved in the city, most have been destroyed. So you will be living in a very rare authentic Chinese community with everything that goes with it.

airbnb apartments shanghai

Heading to Shanghai?

The seashell house on Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Seashells everywhere! The design of this house really is unique and an architectural masterpiece – maybe you have even seen it in a magazine? Now you can even live there yourself!

It lies on Isla Mujere, close to Cancun. The house is separated into two shells: inside the smaller one is a large bed and bathroom which is made of shells and tiles only. Inside the larger one you have a round cozy seating group and a kitchen.

The big bedroom with another bed and private bathroom was designed around the round stairs. There also is a balcony up there which offers a fantastic view of the Carribean!

airbnb apartments mexico

Looks epic, right?

House boat in Amsterdam, Holland

Another one of those dreams that not only alternative hipsters harbor: to live in a house boat or at least sleep in one. Which city would be the perfect place for that? Amsterdam, with its many canals!

This house boat is in walking distance of the historical center. It offers space enough for four people, a large kitchen and modern interiors. The open design admits a lot of light. And on the patio you have even more daylight and fresh air.

Is there anything more relaxing than living on the water and watching the ducks and other boats passing by?

airbnb apartments amsterdam

I’m on a boat!

Watchtower near to Florence, Italy

Close to Florence in beautiful Tuscany there is a watchtower from the 11th century, adjoining a small castle.

The apartment has only recently been renovated and has one or two bedrooms, depending on the number of guests. You can cook yourself in the kitchen or have traditional dishes tought to you in a cooking class.

This accommodation’s highlight is the tower patio with a 360 degree view of the typical pine tree lined streets and the neighboring village. But note that in an old building like this there naturally is no elevator. But a little workout never hurt after all the pizza, pasta, etc.!

For 89 Euros a night this tower really is an extraordinary place to stay!

airbnb apartments italy

Check it out on AirBnB:

The pineapple cottage in Byron Bay, Australia

Byron Bay simply is cool! The laid-back surfer lifestyle definitely is contageous and really sparks a good mood, so plan several days if not even a week here. And when staying in Byron Bay a cool beach cottage is a must. We found just the place for you!

From this cottage you can get to anywhere you want to on foot, be it the beach, nice cafés to chill out in or beach bars at night.

Three bedrooms and two baths make this little house the perfect accommodation when travelling with friends. All rooms have an open design and are flooded with light and air. And if you want to cool off at home you can do so in your own pool.

We would move in straight away! What about you?

airbnb apartments byron bay

You will love it!

Treehouse in Fern Forest, Hawaii 

Did you also desperately want to build a treehouse and live in it as a child? Then pack your bags and fly to Hawaii!

Lovingly decorated this treehouse offers utmost comfort for a small space with modern interiors. You are surrounded by nothing but rainforest onto which you have a 360 degree view, this really is a haven of peace, quiet and nature and truly unique!

And this is where the adventure starts because of course a place like this uses only natural light, solar power and rain water for washing. So it can happen from time to time that you run out of electricity. But isn’t it also nice to live a little more primal and tone down all the amenities we enjoy in our everyday lives?

A special highlight: on the ground floor you have a hanging bead which is great for taking a little nap or reading a good book.

airbnb apartments hawaii

Here is the link:

Sleep in a windmill in Santorini, Griechenland

Yes, Greece has windmills too and you can even stay in one of them! You should avoid Santorini during the main season but in the off season this place really is a little paradise.

The sunsets of Oia are said to be some of the nicest in the world. And if you are staying in a cozy windmill now, you can really enjoy them from here.

A private pool is also part of the premise and it too offers a great view of the surrounding vinyards and the sea. On the lower level you have the living and dining room as well as the kitchen. The upper level houses two bedrooms and the bathroom.

airbnb apartments santorini

Santorini and this place rocks:

Luxurious villa in Cape Town, South Africa

You open your eyes in the morning and all you see is the city in a beautiful light and the blue ocean in the back! Is there a better way to start the day? Not really!

The panoramic view of the bay of Cape Town from this modern apartment is simply stunning! Once you walk out you have table mountain behind the building!

An amazing apartment in a great area to stay (forever!)

airbnb apartments capetown

I’m actually writing this post from this apartment:


Sunny cottage in Queenstown, New Zealand

As soon as you step onto the big veranda you will feel like you arrived, no matter how far your journey was. The view of the sea is gorgeous! Just like every view in New Zealand. Yes, we really love these islands on the other side of the earth!

The cottage with up to four beds is in Queenstown on the South Island, the adventure capital of the world! Be it summer or winter, if you don’t get active here, where will you? Kayaking, skydiving, hiking, skiing, you really only slow down at night. And maybe on one of the beautiful beaches which are only a few minutes away from the cottage. And downtown Queenstown is easyily accessible by water taxi.

You will never want to leave this place!

airbnb apartments queenstown

Check it out:

Sleep on a ranch North of San Francisco, California

Live like a cowboy on a cattle ranch! Everything is super rustic and comfy here, just like you know it from western movies, but maybe not as wild.

The wooden house lies in the middle of nowhere among the hills of the Nicasio valley, 45 minutes North of San Fransisco. There is space for up to five people. In the evenings you can enjoy the quiet and solitude on your porch and test your barbeque skills with the fresh meat.

Start your day with a hike in the mountains and then drive the 10 kilometers to Point Reyes to catch a bit of fresh sea air. There are also nice restaurants for dinner here, if you don’t feel like cooking.

airbnb apartments california

The Cowboy Lifestyle:

Wooden cabin in Barrio San Jose Sur de Atenas, Costa Rica

This extraordinary accommodation is built entirely of tropical wood. A part sits on stilts in the water. The upper level houses the bedroom with a double bed, a small kitchen and a sink made only of a long piece of wood.

The highlight is the 6 meter long bathroom made of wood and stone. The bathtub really is one of a kind, it is crafted from a hollowed tree trunk!

This quiet natural haven is surrounded by coffee plantations and gardens with fruit trees. This is pure Costa Rica! You are an hour away from Jaco and Puntarenas, not far from Barrion San Jose Sur de Atenas.

airbnb apartments costa rica

Off The Path in Costa Rica:

A house by the sea close to Helsinki, Finnland

A lonely house by the sea in Scandinavia – a dream come true! This one is only 45 minutes from Helsinki. You have 160 meters of coast all to yourself and are literally a few meters from the water.

The house is beautifully decorated and has its own sauna which is only 20 meters away from the sea. Up to 8 people can enjoy the complete silence here. And for diversion there are fishing rods and even a little sailboat at your disposal.

You will rarely encounter people here, but all the more rabbits, deer and birds. Wonderful!

airbnb apartments helsinki

Your little cabin by the lake:


Conclusion: you can always go more extraordinary!

We can hardly wait to go to all these places and stay in a few of the many AirBnB apartments and houses. At Off The Path we frequently try to show you the best unkown and extraordinary places and all these houses and apartments are definitely part of that. And affording them is no problem if you get together a couple of friends!

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Which of the AirBnB apartments or homes we showed you would you like to move into?

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