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Stockholm Must See: Insider tips for Stockholm from a local

Stockholm is known to be one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and despite its relatively small population it has a lot to offer. We have the best insider tips for you, showing you hip and cool places in the Venice of the North that aren’t overrun with tourists yet. The renowned Swedish architect… Read more »

Must visit places in Sri Lanka: everything you can expect from the island!

There is an island in the Indian Ocean that promises the perfect adventure: Sri Lanka! I’ve visited this relatively undiscovered country twice and love to come here to surf, but also because of the amazing nature and wild animals. In addition, there’s one cool adventure after another waiting for you: whether night safaris, jungle trekking,… Read more »

What to see in Java: 5 amazing adventures to experience!

Java is much more incredible and adventure-filled than hardly any other Indonesian island. It houses several active volcanoes and at one you can see the rare blue fire by night (there are only two of these worldwide). It’s also home to two amazing millennia old temples, which are both part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Additionally,… Read more »

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If you don’t do wild things while you’re young, you have nothing to smile about when you’re old

Foto Sebastian Canaves Hi, I’m Sebastian Nice to meet you! I love the adventure and I cannot get enough from travelling! I have lived in 10 countries so far and travelled nearly 100, and on Off The Path I share my best travel tips and personal stories with you, so that you can travel the world like I do!

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