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It’s this time of the year again where its getting darker and colder outside and all you want to do is stay inside with a hot beverage and keep surfing on all those awesome travel blogs and get inspiration for your next adventure. As I did last year, I’ve put together a short list of presents every traveler will love you for and the best thing is, you don’t necessarily need to leave the house, you can simply buy them online.

I do recommend leaving the house every now and then; it’s so beautiful outside, even in the cold. Go for a walk, visit a Christmas market or do it like I do any go to Austria for a weekend of fun and skiing!


5878_scratch_map_travel_edition_6001. Luckies of London Scratch Map

In my opinion one of the ultimate travel gifts for every occasion, it doesn’t have to be Christmas. Luckies of London Scratch Map already made it into the list last year and it simply has to be on this list again. I think it’s awesome. How many countries can you scratch off? I’m at 64!

Buy it now in the US or buy it now in the UK!


2. ASUS Transformer Book t100


I’ve been using a new ASUS Transformer Book t100 since 4 days and love it. It comes with a keyboard that you can simply attach to the screen and transforms the tablet into a notebook. In fact, I’m writing this article from the notebook, it’s easy, light, and comes will all kinds of features. Everybody who goes for longer trips has to look after space and weight. This thing is a perfect solution!

Buy it now in the US or buy it now in the UK!

3. Good Boots

panama-jack-scotlandBesides of flip flops, every traveler needs a good pair of shoes. I’ve been using Panama Jack Boots for almost 6 months and traveled with them in Thailand, Scotland, Austria, Italy and many more countries and love them. They are very comfortable and of high quality.

Buy it now in the US or buy it now in the UK!



4. Daypack

aosportsbag-italyI found the best daypack ever. It comes from a small company called AG Sportsbags in France and they developed a backpack that in my opinion is nearly perfect. It fits perfectly as carry on Low Cost Carriers like Ryanair and Easyjet and is big enough for a few days of clothes AND equipment. I’ve traveled to more than 10 countries with this backpack in the last few months and absolutely love this thing

Buy it now in the US or buy it now in the UK!


5. The ultimate iPhone case for travelers

iphone-bamboo-case-compassI got this iPhone case a few weeks ago at Portobello Street Market in London and it’s been featured on a few pictures on Facebook. Many of you have asked me where to get it for yourself. I finally found it on Amazon and now you can buy it for yourself or this special friend with the travel bug…

Buy it now in the US or buy it now in the UK!


6. TripIt Pro

tripitAn awesome app that keeps track of all your travel itineraries AND frequent flyer programs. As a frequent traveler myself I fly so often that I keep forgetting from which airport I fly out and what my frequent flyer numbers are. I’m member of so many, that my wallet keeps exploding. Since I have this app, I don’t carry my cards around anymore. TripIt keeps track of all my programs, numbers and points. It even tells me which points expire at the end of the year and makes sure I use them to buy something or get an upgrade.

Should you ever miss a flight, the app shows you alternative flights and routes to get to your destination. All in all, I simply love this app!

Get it now!

travel-slanket-large7. Travel Slanket

For those travelers that have some room left in the backpacks this item will make their economy flight a bit more comfortable. I mean let’s face it, the blankets you get from the airlines aren’t really big and if you are of average size, they won’t even cover your feet! Here comes the solution: Travel Slanket!

Buy it now in the US or buy it now in the UK!


8.  Mobile Scale

luggage_scaleA few weeks ago I traveled to Scotland with EasyJet. I had 20 Kilos with me on the way to Scotland, on my way back I had 23, funny thing is  that I didn’t buy anything, I just forgot to wear the same clothes and left the heavy things in the bag (I consider myself a professional traveler LOL)

This little mobile scale would have saved me a few $$.

But it now in the US or buy it now in the UK!


tempur9. Sleeping Mask

Hour long bus rides or long haul flights, sometimes you just cannot really sleep and relax. With this awesome sleeping mask developed by the NASA you should now be able to get the beauty sleep you need!

Buy it now in the US or buy it now in the UK!


10. Smartphone tripod

You also love to take selfies? Take them to the next level with a tripod for smartphones.

Buy it now in the US or buy it now in the UK!

Now you, what do you want for Christmas this year? Or do you have an idea what I should add to the list? Comment now!

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