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“We must take adventures in order to know where we truly belong”.
Sebastian Canaves Hi, I'm Sebastian Nice to meet you!

I’m Sebastian and I’m the founder of Off The Path. Back in 2011 I decided to live my life the way I want and turn my passion into my job. I started my very own adventure travel blog!

I’m actually half Spanish and half German and grew up on Mallorca, where I spend my childhood hiking, swimming and sailing. After 14 years living on the island I moved to Germany. When finishing high school I decided to fly to Australia to work for a company in Brisbane. Ever since I was bit by the travel bug!

I have lived in 10 countries so far and travelled nearly 100. I also speak 5 languages fluently and can have a basic conversation with you in many more languages. A few of my favourite places have been New Zealand, Scotland, South Tyrol, Bali, Brisbane and Bangkok.

And I have done some really crazy things already, too: I jumped from a plane from 15.000 feet over Queenstown, NZ, participated in a 50 kilometre canoe marathon in Sweden, went swimming with whale sharks in Western Australia, took a trip with Europe’s largest and steepest zip line in South Tyrol, Italy, and even did a backwards bungee jump in Scotland to name only few.

I won’t stop travelling and exploring the world, and I gathered all my experiences on this blog for you. I simply follow my dreams and want you to inspire doing the same!

Have fun!

Off The Path Team


Growing up as a big city girl, nowadays Line enjoys spending time in nature more than getting lost in urban canyons. If she’s not taking an adventure, you’ll either find her on horseback, in a Finnish sauna or sitting in front of her laptop in a cute café drinking flat white and eating cheese cake.


Manuel just returned from a trip around the world chasing one adventure after another. He first went to South Africa and loves the country’s wildlife. One thing he’ll never forget is trekking all alone through Nepal for three weeks. He’s obsessed with coffee and once booked a spontaneous trip to New Zealand.


Nadja’s favourite country by far is Ireland where she now lives. Her greatest adventure are her two lovely kids, but since a while now she’s dreaming of a trip to Tibet or Nepal – the more adventurous the better. Pity though she first needs to overcome her fear of airplane toilets…

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