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6 Reasons Why You Should Also Visit Rotterdam On Your Trip to Amsterdam

Everybody always wants to go to Amsterdam when visiting the Netherlands but Rotterdam is also a pretty cool city!

I lived in the Netherlands for 2,5 years a few years ago and visited Rotterdam many times. Once I did a 6 days biking tour through the Netherlands biking hundreds of Kilometers and Couchsurfing all over the country and also stayed in Rotterdam for a night (see my cost breakdown – pretty amazing)

I recently visited Rotterdam as part of the Must Love Festivals and attended the World Port Days. An annual event that takes place in September around the largest harbour of Europe.

The festival took place from 5. To 7. September and offered a great program for young and old!

Since I’ve already been to Rotterdam many times and just spent another three days there I thought it was time to publish a little list of why you should visit Rotterdam soon!

6 Reasons Why You Should Also Visit Rotterdam On Your Trip to Amsterdam

1. Rotterdam is less crowded

Rotterdam is indeed less crowded than Amsterdam. While most people visit only Amsterdam on their trip to the Netherlands you should simply take the train from Amsterdam to Rotterdam and also explore this city. It might not have as beautiful houses like Amsterdam, because it was bombed to the ground during the world war but it has many more things that make this city special, like incredible modern architecture!

2. Kinderdijk is next to Rotterdam

Kinderdijk is the image you have in your head when you think of the Netherlands. One windmill next to each other!

And here is a secret, it exactly looks like this in real life too. It’s gorgeous and only a short bike or boat ride from Rotterdam away!

You can get to Kinderdijk with the waterbus, which departs from the Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam and only takes 30 minutes to get there. If you want to bike there it will take you about 45 minutes for the 13 kilometres from the city center!

3. The biggest harbour in Europe

This truly is an amazing experience. During the world port days we did a Jazz Night Cruise but I also did a harbour cruise during the day with Spido and also an extraordinary harbour cruise in Rotterdam with a speed boat! This was really cool speeding and passing all those huge container ships!

4. The Markthall: The first indoor market in the Netherlands

In October, the first indoor market hall in the Netherlands will open to the public. I got a sneak peak into the architectural masterpiece a few weeks ago and was amazed by this incredible building right in the city center of Rotterdam! The idea was to create a housing project for the people and I think they couldn’t have done it better!

I don’t want to bore you with too many details but the panels they have placed on the inside of the hall are printed with 300 dpi, which is the equivalent of magazine paper quality. But instead of being printed on A4 paper they are printed on massive panels. There is only one company in the world, owned by Pixar in New Zealand that was able to process the 16000 GB file and print it on those plates… Amazing!

amsterdam to rotterdam - markthall

5. The Land of the Future

You would imagine that the harbour of Rotterdam has enough space to handle all the freight it gets but funny thing is that it isn’t. The biggest harbour of Europe has problems keeping up with demand and therefore is always expanding. And since land in the Netherlands is also very limited the port authority is building on top of the water.

How all this works can be explored at the land of the future, a little experience center where you can discover the many different aspects involved in the construction of the new port!

6. nHow at De Rotterdam

Have a drink at the bar of the nHow Hotel during sunset and enjoy the city during the day, sunset and at night and take a picture of the beautiful Erasmus Bridge, which lays right in front of the hotel!

amsterdam to rotterdam - nhow rotterdam
View at the Erasmus bridge from the terrace of the nhow hotel in Rotterdam

 Hotel in Rotterdam

Besides the nHow Hotel in Rotterdam, I can recommend you the Student Hotel Rotterdam. The name is a little misleading but besides being the home of erasmus students it is also a funky and stylish Design Ho(s)tel with great food, friendly staff and affordable prices!

When are you going to Rotterdam? Leave a comment below!

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