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Free travel apps: the most useful apps on the road!

Travel apps make life on the road so much easier! In the past you had to try to find your way with maps and sometimes ask people how to go or simply tried the next best restaurant and hoped it would be a hit and that the food would be good. Thanks to the internet and the development of helpful, even free travel apps our way of travelling, our life in general, has changed.

Nowadays there is an app for pretty much every problem you can have on the road. You don’t have a scanner but really need to have these important travel documents in digital form? No problem, an app will fotograph the documents and make them look as if they were scanned. You don’t know where you are and are close to getting really really lost? Open the map app that also works offline and find out where you are and where you have to go. And when it is time for a real good coffee to wake up for the next adventure then the right app will show you where you can find the strongest espresso according to the locals!

The range of apps out there is huge so for you to know wich ones are any good we put together an overview for you!

The best free travel apps for your next trip!

Apps for the best and cheapest flights


With Skyscanner you quickly find the cheapest flights all over the world beacause this travel app compares hundreds of airlines. A brilliant feature is the ‘all places’ feature that you can use if you don’t know yet where you want to go. This way you find the cheapest flights to all kinds of wonderful places that you maybe hadn’t even been considering yet.

You can have the search results filtered by price, airline, departure or arrival time and thanks to the table visualization you have a good overview of the prices for an entire week or month. You can also have the app send you automatic price notifications so you will know immediately if prices change for your desired route!

The skyscanner app is free and you can download it here.


The free Momondo app also helps you find cheap flights fast and easily. It searches all the big airlines and discount airlines alike. The price calendar shows you the average price for airfare on various days which is really helpful if you are flexible with your travel dates. If you have a profile on the site then it saves your search history and favourites and you can access it on all your devices.

You can download this helpful app here!

Apps for comfy beds has a huge selection of various accommodations worldwide be it hostels, bed&breakfasts, motels or luxury hotels. No matter what your budget is, you are sure to find a room that fits here!

Of course you can have the search results sorted by price, rating or location so you will find your dream bed even faster. Other filter options are wifi, breakfast, pool or spa. Everything you could wish for!

After saving your credit card information once everything is processed automatically. And once you did a couple of bookings through you receive Genius status which gives you access to exclusive offers and discounts. It is also really helpful that the confirmations for the bookings are stored offline so you have them available even without wifi.

This cool free travel app can be downloaded here.


AirBnB offers you access to the coolest private accommodations in the world: over 600,000 listings in more than 34,000 cities to chose from! With the free travel app you can easily contact hosts, enlarge your so-called wish list or directly book your next dream home. The travel itinerary gives you a great overview of your next bookings and information on how to get there such as directions.

If you are renting out your own place while travelling you can switch to the host mode in the app and easily manage your offer with your smartphone. A potential guest has a question or your apartment will be free for longer than planned because you can’t get enough of your adventures? Simply respond to booking requests on the go and update the availability of your calendar – and all that fast and hassle-free!

You can download the AirBnB app here!


With the free Couchsurfing app you can find locals all over the world with whom you can stay for free. More than 10 million travel fans are already part of the community! Couchsurfing is perfect if you don’t want to be alone and are curious to learn more about a country’s culture. There also are regular Couchsurfing events where you meet other travellers and surely will make some new friends!

The app allows you to easily manage your requests but also quickly find your next place to stay. You can download the app here!

These apps help you prepare right

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Pack The Bag

You need help packing because you tend to forget things? The Pack The Bag app will help avoid that so you can start your next trip fully at ease without panic attacks in between. You get a list that you can mark off, this will give you the security of knowing that you have all the essential stuff with you!

You can chose from over 650 packing items in 26 categories and also add new items and new lists or pick one of the lists stored. You can also send packing lists via email. There are also functions that let you set reminders so you don’t forget about packing. Super helpful and free too!

You can download the Pack The Bag app here!


You sometimes loose track of your bookings? Then this is the app for you! CheckMyTrip saves all your bookings in a free app, be it flights, hotels, rentals, tours or dinner reservations. The travel planning synchronizes with your calendar and you get notifications if there are any changes to your flight itineraries. The most big airlines even let you check in with this app – so convenient!

You send all the confirmations for bookings as an email to and they appear in your travel itinerary. No hassle, not thousands of steps, really simple.

CheckMyTrip can be downloaded here!

Useful travel apps for on the road

Currency converter – Finanzen100

Often it takes a while till you get used to converting the currency in your head when you arrive in a new country. The dish costs 50 Rupie, now is that much? Or not? This is when you need a currency converter, especially if it works offine too. Over 160 currencies are saved in the app.

For especially fast access you can store your most used currencies in the favourites bar. So if you are not sure, quickly type in the amount and you will know the exact price!

You can download the free app here!

Google translate

This free travel app has a lot of great features. You can have the keyboard translate any kind of text into 90 languages and it recognizes input in 40 languages. You can also fotograph pieces of text and have it translated to 26 languages by the app. Even when you are offline there will hardly be any misunderstandings if you don’t speak the language where you are!

You can download this useful app here!


Trailwallet is the best app to keep track of your spendings when travelling! You can have your expenses sorted by trip or month and set a daily budget. It is also possible to set a budget for the entire trip and check how much of it is used up already and how much of it you still have.

Whenever you pay something log the price, assign it a category and day and it’s done. After that you can toss the receipt and still have an overview of everything.

Spendings can be entered in any currency, the app automatically converts them using the current exchange rate. The app is free for the first 25 products, then it costs a single payment of 2,69 €.

You can get Trailwallet here!

Capture your adventure in images


VSCO Cam is our favourite free app for editing pitcures. You can tweak your images without overburdoning them. Features like exposure time, colour temperature, contrast, rotate or crop make your picuters look even bettter. Play around with it a little till you have found the right settings for yourself and created a beautiful image.

If that is too much work for you then there are also fery useful preset editing filters that will quickly enhance your pictures. And you can buy more filters, they are not very expensive.

VSCO Cam can be downloaded here!


With the free Instagram app you can share the most amazing moments of your tirp with friends, family and people all over the world. Your photos can also easily be published to Facebook or Twitter, the platforms are all connected. You can however disable that feature if you don’t want it.

It has lots of integrated filters and editing features to make your pictures look even better if figuring out the right edits in apps like VSCO Cam is getting too much for you.

Instagram also lets you discover new great places, restaurants, cafes and the like. Based on your favourite instagrammers and instagram pictures you can search for new places and people. Follow your favourite travel bloggers for instance, they always offer inspiration and will take you to new dream destinations!

Download it here!

Music makes every trip even better


You know this: you are travelling in a car, the radio station actually would be cool but it is constantly out of reach? With Spotify you always have your faourite music with you, be it on the phone or tablet. Search for tracks, artists or albums, create and share playlists and let yourself be inspired by personal recommendations.

You can test all the features if you get a test account for a month. With a premium account you can even listen to your music on all your devices without advertisement once the test month has expired. The premium account costs 12,99 € in Germany.

You can download Spotify here!

Apps for orientation

Google Maps

Google Maps is a free aid to getting around new ares, it shows you the best routes to get from one place to another. The app has maps of 220 countries and areas. If you are travelling in a rental car Google Maps can even function as GPS navigation, with voice guidance and all.

The app also shows you how to get around with public transportation and has information on the current traffic flow situations, it automatically recalculates routes if there are problems. And for some places there are street view pictures to help you find what you are looking for even better.

You can get Google Maps here!

Citymaps 2go

With this app you will never again loose your orientation because the maps work offline too, without roaming. It is free, has lots of travel guide content too as well as suggestions for restaurants or hotels, many of these from locals themselves. Thanks to GPS you can always see where you are and where you are headed. You can also save places that you will be going to and then pin them to a map so you will always have access to them.

You can download Citymaps 2go here!

Wifi, cafes and cool places!

Wifi Finder

It can sometimes be pretty annoying to have to find wifi to quickly look somehting up when you are in a new place and don’t have a SIM card yet. This useful free wifi app solves that problem pretty easily: there are over 550,000 places with free or purchasable wifi stored in a database. And of course the app works online as well as offline!

You can get the wifi finder here!


Thanks to Foursquare you will discover great places all over the world, from restaurants, cafes and bars to super cool activities and nice shops in your vicinity. You tell the app what you like eating and what you enjoy and the app will find matches for you. Based on these preferences it will keep suggesting new places to check out. When you arrived at one of those places it also has additional tips like what definitely to order or do. And you can follow other people that have similar taste to yours so you will get new inspiration.

You can get this free travel app here!


Especially if you are a digital nomad like us or work freelance then one of the most annoying things is to find a good place to work when you get to a new city. Basic requirements: well functioning stable wifi and if possible good coffee to go with it. Because often once you found a cafe and start working you have to realise that the wifi is incredibly slow and you cannot really use it for work or there are no power outlets.

The free Workhardanywhere apps solves this problem. It rates the speed of the internet, size of the worspace and lots more.

You can download Workhardanywhere here!

Free travel apps make your life on the road a lot easier!

You see, there is a free travel app with a great solution for almost every problem. You’re not really on your own when travelling any more and thanks to these apps you can even save a bit of your travel budget. We use these apps almost daily and I can say they have saved us a lot of time, money and anguish. So start making travelling easier and free up even more time for adventures!

Which travel apps do you use on the road? Let us know in the comments section!

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