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iPad Apps for Travellers

Here is a little compilation of iPad Apps which are handy for travelers.

1. Wi-Fi Finder

Costs: Free

Description: This App helps you to easily find all free and paid wi-fi. If you know that you are going somewhere and you would like to know where all the free hotspots are you can download them on you iPad and use them offline.

2. Bamboo Paper

Costs: Free

No tipping on the iPad, with this App you can handwrite like with a pen, take notes or make drafts.


3. Feeddler RSS Reader

Costs: Free

That’s a great App for reading the RSS feed when being on the go. Just connect to the internet before and download everything!

4. Kayak

Costs: Free

Get yourself some nice travel deals with the free App of Kayak.

5. Pack the Back

Costs: Free

Stop with all the chaotic packing, make yourself a nice packing list and update it when traveling for the next time.

6. iBooks


Costs: Free

This App from Apple is just perfect, you can safe on weight and download all the books directly on your iPad. Download also your travel guides on your iPad.

This week you can download the Lonely Planet – Best in Travel 2011 for free!

7. Award Wallet

If you travel a lot, you might want to consider to download the Award Wallet. It helps you to organize all your loyalty card points and shows you everything handy on one screen.

8. Echofon

Costs: Free

A very easy to use twitter app. Very useful!

9. Sobees Lite or MyPad

Costs: Free

Facebook hasn’t published an own app yet. Therefore you can use one of these two applications which replace the original facebook app perfectly.

10. Skype

Calling home cheaply? Download this app, you only need an internet connection and a headset with microphone, f. e. the iPhone headset.  

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