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Auf geht`s! Finde die besten Tipps für Deine Australien Reise.

Lost in Australia: An awesome and unforgettable adventure!
** Sebastian here, at Off The Path, we love getting lost and we love new experiences. It’s in our DNA. Adventure is as natural as breathing to us and getting dirty is as normal as cleaning ourselves. Nothing beats experiencing new places or meeting new people. We simply love it and need it to survive. This wanderlust and thrill for adventure is a big part of our life. Evelin is such an adventurer. Interning at Off The Path, she definitely showed us that she loves new experiences and is always up for crazy things like attending a Thai boxing camp in Bangkok a few weeks ago. Today, she tells us a story of getting lost in Australia with her camper van and a good friend. ** During my stay in Australia my good friend Carolin decided to buy a Camper Van, as it’s the best and most exciting way to travel in Australia. She bought an awesome but not always very reliable van from the 70s called “The Wasp” because of its colour, sting and dangerous appearance. In between our uni classes, we decided to do a road trip from the Gold Coast to go on a sailing trip over the Great Barrier Reef. We didn’t check the distance before we left. We just had our old school map. We estimated that we can make it within a week or even less. Wow, Carolin plans everything like I do – not at all! So we started our little journey to the Great Barrier Reef. Of course we knew that Australia is a huge country but we couldn’t really gage the distance between the towns on our way. After driving for two days we realised that we were in the middle of nowhere, somewhere in Kangaroo land, somewhere in the outback. There was simply nothing. Just us, the Wasp and red earth! To find the next gas station we even had to drive a few hours. We were just lucky that we didn’t get stranded with an empty tank. One night we slept at a small run down gas station, it was probably one of my scariest nights ever! This spot, and the whole situation, reminded me of typical scene from a horror movie; two silly girls, in the middle of nowhere, in a van which didn’t start, stuck in the rain, with only the odd passing truck. We started to talk about the scariest moments in our lives. What a perfect moment for this chat! But, after a while sitting outside we realised how lucky we are. It was so quiet that you could even hear your own breathing. There were no lights in view and the clear night’s sky was so beautiful we couldn’t help but stop and stare at it we could even see the Milky Way. We even started to enjoy just being lost somewhere. It was one of those perfect moments which you will remember forever! The next day we made it to a remote town. We bought drinks and food to celebrate The Wasp’s 40th Birthday! Our old yellow friend had been really reliable for the few last days so we needed to celebrate accordingly! On our last night before arriving in Airlie Beach, we had to stop to catch a view of the moon. We didn’t even realise that a moon could be so big! It’s called a “Super Moon” and the moon looks just massive! Words can’t even describe how impressive that moment was. Getting lost in nature was the best thing that could have happened to us! After arriving in Airlie Beach, we used a travel agent to book a three-day sailing trip on the water with people from all over the world. I enjoyed diving in the Great Barrier Reef and saw the truly impressive underwater world. We also visited one of the most beautiful beaches on this planet – White Haven Beach! Every evening we enjoyed dinner on board, a beautiful sunset and good chats. Dolphins surrounded the boat and even stopped while we were taking pictures of them. This trip was breath-taking and clearly showed me why I love to travel and experience new things. At home you can only see those things on TV or just dream of all the beautiful places this world has to offer. I’ve followed those dreams, and if it means that I get lost, I’m happy to take the chance to have a truly amazing experience! Go and get lost somewhere!  
Sebastian Canaves
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