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My Ultimate Adventure Bucket List

Over the years my bucket list got longer and longer and I always intended to write it down. Of course, I didn’t do it until today and here is the result!

I’ve been thinking a lot if that is what I want to do and I am sure that many things are still missing but I think it has the most important things which came to my mind while writing it down.

Of course this list is subject to change!


My Bucket List

Location independent items

Location dependent items

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52 comments on “My Ultimate Adventure Bucket List

  1. Matthew Karsten on

    Wow, that’s quite a list Sebastian! I can’t wait to read about when you win the Air Guitar World Championships! 🙂

  2. James Cook on

    Have you seen the documentary about the Air guitar contest called Air Guitar Nation it is about two US rivals going head to head to be able to represent the US in the finals. Gripping stuff!

  3. The Travel Chica on

    You’ll find out tomorrow where to have the best steak in Buenos Aires.

    Your bucket list is huge! Good to be ambitious 🙂

    • seba on

      I saw your post this morning!! It was very mean as your pictures where amazing like always!!! I really hope to get there soon! I need to try these steaks 🙂

  4. Lydia on

    Wow!! Greetings from Singapore! I happen to chance across your site and I am impress with your bucketlist 😀 I have one myself but not as comprehensive as yours! I’m inspired to do up a proper one now. Good luck with your endeavors! I’ll be following you. Hope you don’t mind.


    • seba on

      No worries D!!! You are fighting so passionate, that you totally convinced me that it is morally wrong to do it. And I’m happy to support you with that!!!

    • seba on

      I had the chance of donating blood couple of days ago at world aids day but was to busy to go… 🙁 So it will have to wait for the bulls 😉

  5. Caz Makepeace on

    Cool list. so many great things for you to achieve. Look at all those blog posts you have now put in your editorial calendar!

  6. Sandra on

    Thanks for the insppiration! This might be sth to think about during the Holidays. If you come to Finland, please send me a message:)

    • seba on

      I hope to visit Finland soon again! I really liked it last year! I want to try to visit it next year. Do you know the best time to see the northern lights?

  7. EL on

    great list..

    suggestions –

    Walk with African Lions in the wild


    Jump into the most dangerous pool in the world — Devil’s pool ..


  8. Izy Berry on

    woah, awesome list. There’s a few pieces of inspiration on here for me too! Machu Pichu is at the top of mine… now just to find myself in South America.

  9. yasmine on

    Thats pretty awesome, I love bucketlists…i started mine years ago, and its been an amazing journey…

    Is your map everywhere you have gone, or is it just places you plan to go?

  10. Kevin on

    I would delete “swim with Killer Whales” unless it’s the final item on your list and you’re looking to go out in a blaze of glory. Don’t ignore the “killer” part of that nickname. It is well-earned. They will eat your ass and won’t think twice about it.

    The rest of the list is awesome! I’m stealing some of these! (not the killer whale one, though, obviously) 🙂

  11. Josta on

    I just love your bucket list, a lot of the things mentioned are also on mine! Maybe you want to change one: koninginnendag in Holland, we now have a king and also keep in mind that the date of this celebration also has changed 🙂

  12. Natalie on

    You can add the ride an elephant in Thailand back on… There is a humane way to ride and care for elephants. Just go through a volunteering organization that cares for them properly and protects their well-being and is not a tourist run money maker. I had a great experience with starfish volunteering in Surin this past fall and I’m sure there are other similar organizations out there.

  13. Lex on

    Hey cool list! Just a small detail (but important!) Mt. Kilimanjaro is in Tanzania NOT Kenya! Lots of people get that wrong but it’s totally two different countries! 🙂

  14. Seb and a Hammock on

    Stumbled upon your post today. Instantly started my own list. It feels good to have all these little ideas written down for once. I’m also surprised by the number of things, that hounted me for years. I gotta get going!
    So chears for this inspiration!
    Speaking of which, eating Sushi in Japan, nice Idea.. I’ll nick that for my list *g*

  15. Sophie on

    I’m so happy reading your bucket list, you remind me of all the awesome things I have already done. Makes me think I should do one! I have yet much to see and my next big destination’s Thailand. I see you have a big section covering bangkok. Will go check it out ! Cool blog x

    • Sebastian Canaves on

      Hi Harry, weil das unglaubliche Tierquälerei ist. Genauso, wie mit Tigern schmusen!

      Die Elefanten müssen unglaubliche Tortur über sich ergehen lassen, bis ihr Wille gebrochen ist und sie ohne zu zucken hunderte Kilos (Touristen) mit sich schleppen lassen. Außerdem hat Forschung erwiesen, dass dadurch die Muskulatur und der Knochenbau der Wirbelsäule über die Jahre geschädigt wird und sie das unter schmerzen machen müssen!

      Kein Wunder, dass regelmässig Mahuts und auch Touristen von den Dickhäutern getötet werden!

      Ich hoffe, du streichst es auch von deiner Liste!