Overlooking Berlin – The Devil’s Mountain

To go truly off the path in Berlin you might want to visit the devil’s mountain in the western part of the city.

Eintritt Verboten

After the Second World War Berlin was destroyed and too much rubble of the collapsed buildings was around, the Nazis quickly took all the debris and formed an artificial mountain in the western part of the city which today is known as Grunewald. On top of the mountain they built a Nazi college that couldn’t be destroyed. Today the gates of the former US spy station are closed and high fences around the areal tell “Eintritt Verboten” (No Entry)

A Mountain Made Out Of 700.000 Bombed Houses

The Teufelsberg (Devil’s Mountain) lays 80 meters over Berlin. It is said that it is made from over 75 million cubic meters of debris, which is equal to 700.000-bombed houses. There are many of these mountains in Germany and Europe. What is special about this place is the former US spy station which can be visited today and something which is not visible anymore; a never completed Nazi military-technical college. The allies tried to destroy it with explosives and failed. Therefore covering it with rubble seemed easier. On top of it they build the US spy station from where they spied everybody even Beijing.

The British and Americans cooperated up there and you will today find a British and an American building, the American Building being much more impressive and bigger. Unfortunately, due to metal theft, the buildings look very rundown. Walls are missing, cable housing everywhere…

Today They Ask For An Entrance Fee

Until two years ago you could easily jump over the fence and walk around the property. Every now and then a security team was patrolling outside of the property.  Today a collective of artists have the permission to maintain the property and offer daily tours around the buildings that are left. They closed all the wholes in the fences and don’t like unannounced visitors. They offer the tour for 9 € and it lasts for about 2 hours and you can afterwards walk around freely.

If you’d like to spent a summer night up there, they said that they always look for volunteers who’d like to help them out. Closing fences, getting the place ready for the winter etc…

How to get to Teufelsberg (Devil’s Mountain)

If you are staying in a hostel or hotel in Berlin Mitte you can get there by car. You can simply drive to Grunewald. For a map with directions from Berlin-Mitte click here!

By public transportation get the S-Bahn S9 or S75 to Heerstraße or the S1 to Grünewald. From there you need to walk for 2,5 kilometers (30 minutes). Click here to get access to a map!

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Be careful!

If you should decide to go in there by your own be careful since not everything is secured and you can easily hurt yourself!


Have you ever visited the Devil’s Mountain? Would you visit such a place? We are looking forward to your opinion in the comments below!

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