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TEDx: The Importance Of Following Your Dreams

Do you remember my posts about “I Am Following My Dreams, Are You?” and “why you should follow your dreams”?

They were both part of my TEDx Talk in Bulgaria. The American University in Bulgaria invited my to visit their university as a special guest from abroad to talk about my life as a travel blogger and to explain why I live my life the way I do.

TEDX Talk Sebastian Canaves - The Importance Of Following Your Dreams

Listening to other great talks before my TEDx Talk!

You often asked me why I chose this path and what it takes to make a living off a travel blog. I don’t really talk about the blogging itself but how choosing this path helped me to become a better person and made me truly happy!

The video is now online on the TEDx YouTube channel and already thousands saw and listened to my words about the importance of following your dreams. I truly believe that everybody can find something they are really passionate about. All it takes is time. You need to take your time to figure out what you love. Finding out what you hate is pretty easy, the hard work is to find your passions that will or can define the rest of your life. For me travel is definitely a big part of my life but life is also about development. What was important to me three years ago, might not be as important to me today and vice versa.

TEDX Talk Sebastian Canaves - The Importance Of Following Your Dreams

TEDx is and was a huge honor to me. I’m very happy that I did it, even though I was super nervous as you might see. If you don’t know me by now from my stories on the blog you will get to know me better by this 17 minutes long video.

It would mean a lot if you take your time and watch it until the end and tell me what your dreams are. Are you doing everything possible to fulfill them?


TEDX Talk Sebastian Canaves - The Importance Of Following Your Dreams

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28 comments on “TEDx: The Importance Of Following Your Dreams

  1. Abby on

    Preach! Such good encouragement — I bet you’ve changed a lot of people’s lives. I could never talk in public for 20 minutes, but it is amazing to try to wrap my brain around how many people I could touch if I ever had the nerve. You are truly an inspiration!!

  2. Federico on

    Great speech Sebastian, I did watch it all the way to the end. Invigorating, and good to know that things are going well with you. I’d also like to ad a small detail that many people miss, and it’s that most travel bloggers who live from their blog are single; only a few have a partner, and if they do they work on it too or have one of their own, facing some challenges if it’s the only source of income. I think there is a direct relationship, of course related to income.

  3. Blake Dinkin on

    Hi Sebastian. Inspiring speech. I left a stable job about 18 months ago to follow a passion that I have been working on for 10 years on and off (I will spare your audience the self promotion but you may appreciate that production is in Thailand) and to make it a viable business. Like anything there are opportunity costs and like any risk, you have your moments of doubt. Your uplifting video helped picked me up on one of the off days.

    Best of luck!

  4. Andy on

    Your speech was very inspiring 🙂 I agree with you 100%, thanks to you I have more courage to fulfill my dreams! Thank you once again 🙂

  5. Kerwin on

    I finally watched your video. Way to go. I never got your full story so this helped to fill in the gaps.
    To answer your question, yes, I’m following my dreams, which is to among other things, educate people about travel.

    Travel On…

  6. Sandra from Tripper on

    Great talk! Congratulations. It’s amazing the fulfilment you feel when you finally take the leap of faith and follow the path you know you were supposed to be on. Three months and counting 🙂

  7. Laura on

    Just saw this now. Great talk! I read your story before, but it is nice to hear it out loud! Two years ago i choose to follow my dreams. They keep changing and its not always easy, but i has given me great adventures for sure! Nice work! I love following your blog!