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Traveling with a tablet: useful or not?

When I went surfing in Morocco recently I took along my new Asus ZenPad. I have traveled with other tablets before but they were always too big for me. With my new little Asus tablet I wanted to give tablets another chance!

Because even though I do not get around to it in Berlin I actually really enjoy reading and like lying on the couch with a tablet in the evening, rather than using the heavy laptop to put together some last emails or jot down ideas.

Do you need a tablet when traveling?

Straightforward answer: yes and no!

As a blogger I carry along quite a bit of electronic gear: laptop, iphone, different cameras, and so on. I have tried a few tablets before but was never sure if I really need that.

The Asus ZenPad was a positive surprise, and next to the regular functions all tablets cover I especially liked that:

– reading books on the ZenPad is pretty comfortable
– the ZenPad comes with a pen with which it can be used like a notebook
– easy handling due to its size

Unfortunately the display reflects a lot and makes reading in the sun hard, I couldn’t really enjoy Cheryl Strayed’s new book “Wild” during our surfing breaks at noon on the beach.


What can you do with a tablet when traveling?

I could really try the ZenPad on our last surf trip to Morocco. It was not only a really good substitute for my Kindle, I could also use it to get some of the light tasks done in the evening for which I did not feel like getting out the laptop again.

Things like:

– skyping with friends and family
– checking Facebook, Instagram & Co.
– doing a little research online
– fast image editing with VISCO


What else can you do with the ZenPad?

So much more! The tablet not only makes books superfluous, it allows you to be active in all social networks and serves as a language and travel guide. On your next world trip don’t waste your precious kilos on heavy guide books, thanks to the ZenPad you can take along as many books as you like. No matter how many books you decide to take, they will never exceed 317 grams!

Whom is the tablet for?

As a long time Apple junkie I always have some initial trouble with Android. But at the end of the day it actually is pretty easy and intuitive, you don’t have to adjust much to be able to use it. And the apps are usually pretty much the same. If anything then Android’s own programs can be a little different. The ZenPad really is compatible with even the die-hard Apple users!

I especially liked the ZenPad’s size, it lies well in the hand and is very light. If you are always on the move like I am and like to take care of things as you go or look something up the ZenPad is great!


What should you look for in a tablet for your travels?

Since I have been on tour with several different tablets I know for sure what is important in a tablet.

Definitely the most important is its size. It should be neither too large nor too heavy and be easy to hold. Any tablet larger than 9 inches is too much and will bother you more when traveling than it will serve you.

You should also make sure that it has enough storage. 8 GB are seldom enough! That will only hold a couple of books and a few apps. 16 GB are a lot better! If you also want to watch movies on your tablet you should go for at least 32 GB.

Watching movies will also drain the battery pretty fast. The same thing is true for reading ebooks, as the screen is constantly illuminated. Nowadays a tablet battery will last for around 10 hours.

I was able to use the ZenPad for work and reading for 4 days. I usually used it in the evenings for around 2 hours.



With only 317 grams and 8 inches the Asus ZenPad is great to handle and has a very good battery life. It also offers a few extra functions and gimmicks such as super good speakers, a really crisp display and many more!

This tablet could really be worth considering for your next trip, I too will be having it in my carry on!

Sebastian Canaves
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