Sponsored Post: Airports in Europe

Did you know that every hour an average of 7.770 passengers travel through London Heathrow Airport? Or that at Brussels Airport Internet is more expensive than parking? Expedia published a little infographic with some facts about some selected european airports. I was very surprised by the distance some airports are away from the city centers.… Read more »

Traveling in Germany

Germany has a good infrastructure and is located very central in Europe. There are many ways to travel for all budgets. Traveling in Germany by car One of the most flexible ways to travel is to travel by car and in Germany this is also one of the most fun ways to travel. Some people… Read more »

Wanderlust – Why do we seek to go abroad?

I you are a traveller like me, you may know the feeling.  That feeling that draws you to new adventures.  In English it is even explained with a German word: ‘Wanderlust:” But what is it that makes us want to go abroad? I have got many friends who would never want to leave their home… Read more »

My Ultimate Adventure Bucket List

Over the years my bucket list got longer and longer and I always intended to write it down. Of course, I didn’t do it until today and here is the result! I’ve been thinking a lot if that is what I want to do and I am sure that many things are still missing but… Read more »

Rent a car in Blagoevgrad

Many AUBG students asked me where and how to rent a car in Blagoevgrad.   I googled a lot before I decided to rent a car with Sofia Auto. The company is probably the only company in Blago which offers rental cars with no minimum rental period. The cheapest car is the Chevrolet Spark and… Read more »

Guest Post: Parlez-vous anglais?

As we arrived at the grand station of Gare de Lyon, after negotiating a long and tedious conversation of Fran-glias with a furious ticket conductor about being on the wrong train (when in fact being on the correct one). My friends Gary, Sean and I made our smug way towards our Paris apartment, to re-fuel… Read more »

Cuanto Cuesta?

When traveling it is important to know what is expecting you financially. There is nothing more frustrating than getting into a new city and not being able to afford anything. Many Europeans go to Australia after they graduate from school or uni and find themselves in Sydney again and struggle to afford their lifestyle. Cost… Read more »

Guest Post: What are you doing in life?

Chasing the dream, following our hearts. It’s not always the easy choice, in fact most people never do it. Then why do we crave it? Long for it? What drives us to give up everything in search for that thing that allows our heart to sing in the morning. To wake up, brush our teeth… Read more »

5 Regrets people have on their deathbed

Bronnie Ware is a woman who was in close contact with the dying for years. She wrote a top 5 list of regrets people have on their deathbed. I got a little emotional while reading this and thought its worth for everybody reading it! She published the list with her commentary of what she experienced… Read more »

Culture shock when traveling

On Monday afternoon a friend texted me that she was sick with nearly no voice and that she promised the tourism first year of our university to held a guest speech about things you face while being on an internship in a foreign country. She asked me if I could help her out because I… Read more »