11 Tips for Hiking Adventures in Norway

*** This is a guest post by my friend Timo from the German travel blog Bruder Leichtfuss. *** Norway is the country which has to offer most wilderness in Europe – what makes it a perfect destination for hiking in the nature and the mountains. Thanks to glaciers, snow covered mountain tops and often incredible… Read more »

Ultimate Packing Checklist For Northern Norway

Northern Norway, the endless country above the polar circle, the country of the Sami, northern lights and raging rivers full of salmon is also known for its cold temperatures below freezing point. In order to stay warm on your adventures, whether you are dog sledding, reindeer sledding or snowmobiling there are a few things you… Read more »

Love Letter To Norway

Dear Norway, I am not sure when it happened, was it two years ago when we first met, or recently when we met after such a long time? I have to admit, I’m confused. I remember when I arrived in Bergen in 2010 and you greeted me with a warm smile, you were so unexpectedly… Read more »

Best Pictures of Norway

Together with two friends I went on a road trip in August through Norway! We drove all the way from Germany to Northern Denmark (with an unexpected stop in Denmark) where we jumped on a ferry which brought us to Bergen. Our Adventure was 10 days long and during this time Norway showed itself from… Read more »