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Trip To Italy: 5 Things That Make A Small Town At The Adriatic Sea A Special Place In 2014


This is a guest post by Bettina from Oh my Yogi. Find out more about her at the end of this great post about Senigallia at the Adriatic Sea in Italy!


Oh, Senigallia .. this not so well-known city at the Adriatic Sea in Italy charmed me. It not only recovered from a flood in May, no, this city seems to think: now more than ever.

There are probably hundreds of reasons that make a trip to Italy special and why you should visit this small town but I’ve put together a list of 5 things that I think make this place so special in 2014.

5 Things That Make Senigallia A Special Place In 2014:

1. The beach (what else?)

The white sandy beaches of Senigallia are a continuous line of 14 km and is affectionately called Velvet Beach. On the weekends the beach and the city itself attract the locals. Because there you can relax and enjoy the silence and the only sound you will hear is the swish of the waves. Or you can immerse yourself into the social life and have a cocktail, listen to live-music played in the background and a lot of happy people around. There is something for everyone.

In 2014 Filippo Borioni will celebrate a series of beach parties you should not miss. SUNSTASTIC will last from July to August and will host some of the best DJs from the region.


2. The taste of Italy: Food & Drinks

Italy is well-known for its fabulous food and the even better wines. But Senigallia has a number of its own traditional meals that are only served there. The famous Michellin chef and author of cookbooks, Moreno Cedroni, opened his three restaurants in Senigallia – with good reason. But I actually felt like i was served Michellin-meals in every restaurant in the city. The Italians just know how to cook!

Careful – the wine in this region is so good that you’ll start to drink it daily. They say a glass of wine a day is good for you. A wine tasting offers you the opportunity of getting to know Senigallia from a completely different angle. Besides the sandy beaches and a romantic inner-city, the scenic view to the well-known alpine landscape gives you a pure feeling of Italy.

3. Recreation? Boat Trip!

A day at the beach or a day in the cool mountains. Nature will help you to relax. If that’s not enough, a delicious cocktail, italian gelato and the easy-going lifestyle of the Italians will do.

For me a cool boat trip is the best way to enjoy and relax. While you can enjoy the incredible view at the city, you can put your mind at rest and drift away lying on the deck of a boat.

Trip To Italy - Relax Marche Italy Boat

4. Rock’n’ Roll at the Summer Jamboree

If you are fed up with peace and relaxation, listen to that: Senigallia’s annual Rock ‘n’ Roll Festival Summer Jamboree is well-known in Italy and beyond. This year it will take place from August 2 to August 10 and is definitely worth a trip for a long weekend.

The city will be in a state of exception – on a journey through time back to the 1950s including a number of concerts and dance-workshops to enable you to dance a perfect Rock’n’ Roll the next day. It is owed to Angelo di Liberto who has been organizing this festival for 15 years and who also owns a 50’s store – Ol’Woogies – in the old part of Senigallia.

Trip to italy - rock and roll

5. People and their lifestyle

There is a lot to be learned from the Italians. Living la vida loca is a spanish expression but can also be applied to the italians. Relax, have fun and enjoy. That actually comes across and is catching. In Senigallia love is given an own landmark – the beautiful statue of Penelope waiting for the return of her travelling lover at the port.

I was especially impressed by the solidarity and how proud they are about their city. They are delighted at every visitor who spends some time in the city. I felt very welcome and almost at home after just 3 days.

Trip To Italy - Marche People

And a bonus at the end

You will hardly find a more favourable and faster way to Italy than going to the Marche region of Italy. Ryanair (find cheap flights through Skyscanner) offers a 90 minute direct flight to Ancona from Weeze in Germany. From there you will need 20 minutes to go to Senigallia. Everything is possible and makes sense – from a 3 week holiday to a weekend trip. Have you ever flown across the Alps? Please do so, it’s stunning!

Trip To Italy

Flying over the Alps to Italy

I am back in Germany, juiced up with Italian laxness, but I will definitely return to Senigallia. You will meet me at the beach, listening to live-music, enjoying an order of original Italian gelato.


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