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Guest Post: What are you doing in life?

Chasing the dream, following our hearts. It’s not always the easy choice, in fact most people never do it. Then why do we crave it? Long for it? What drives us to give up everything in search for that thing that allows our heart to sing in the morning. To wake up, brush our teeth and thank god we are alive. What is it? It’s fear.

Fear that nothing else will ever add up to anything. Fear that what we have at the moment is what we are and we are not ok with that. We feel lonely, empty and excited at the possibility that there is something more, something better lurking around the corner. But what happens when you turn so many corners there are none left. Then what? Where do you go. What do you do. You search. You long. You beg. You give up everything you have known and embark upon a great adventure. You see happiness, fame and fortune. You seek this out not knowing where you are going or how you are going to get there but all you do know is this. You want it. You need it. You will no longer stand in the way of yourself from getting it. This is your time. This is your chance. So you take it. You go. You start upon a journey that will forever change your life. You will no longer be the person you once were. You now are. You no longer were. You will be who you are and nothing less. You are free. Now what? No one ever taught us what to do when we are free. How do we act without rules and laws. How do we manage without debt and loss. How do we get through the days with no routine.

Now what? What do we do? We look inside of ourselves. We watch. We wait. We wait for something to happen. For something to emerge like a dying day casting a marvelous set set which will set us free. Free to be who we really are. Free to make choices on our own. Free to be without fear. Free from loss. Free from love. Free from ourselves until one day we wake up and realize that we never had it in the first place. We were always free but chose to conform. We chose to be part of society and get stuck down that hole. We froze. We froze with fear. Fear that will never change us. Fear that stole from us the very people we were supposed to be.

This post was provided by Jessica Winkler who is a Canadian expat in beautiful San Juan Del Sur. She saw an opportunity of living there and teaching kite surfing and sold all her belongings at home and moved to Nicaragua early 2011.

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3 comments on “Guest Post: What are you doing in life?

  1. John on

    Great decision. I’m sure you are enjoying the experience and are an excellent instructor. Shame you aren’t in Europe as I’d give kite surfing a go. But might well anyway if I find the time with all of my other projects.
    I bet you can already feel that your former life was less real than the one you live now?

  2. Karen Bryan on

    I think there is a bit of the “grass is greener on the other side”. I followed my dream to become a full time travel blogger when I gave up my day job 2 years ago. I’m glad I made that decision but it hasn’t all been been a bowl of cherries. Yes, I’ve had a sense of self fulfilment and had some great tips but the majority of my time has been spent on more mundane tasks such as SEO and selling ads.

  3. Shaun on

    Interesting article Jess. Fear is a tricky ally and an even worse enemy. There is always points of improvisation when it comes to making choices along the way but it’s how you deal with them that shows your character.

    I had a great time in Nicaragua. Looking forward to reading your blog