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What is important to you? What would you take with you if your House would burn down?

The Allianz Insurance recently asked me if I wanted to share with you one of their new promotional Videos. Normally I don’t do this and I’m also not a big fan of these kind of things. But I had a look at it anyways and kind of liked it. The video made me think and therefore decided to give it a shot.

The reason why I decided to write about it is, that a few months ago one of the biggest German daily newspapers “Welt Kompakt” decided to ask me the same question. What is important to you? What would you take with you if your house would burn down?

Was ist dir Wichtig?

In the video as well as in the newspaper it was about material things that are important to somebody. In the newspaper I said I would take following 7 things:

1. Passport
2. Smartphone
3. MacBook
4. Folder with important documents
5. External Harddrive
7. GoPro

What is important to you?

More or less all the things I need to work on this travel blog. But the more I thought about the initial question while watching the video for the third time I thought that all these material possessions aren’t really important to me. They are more a necessity. There are more important things in life than having an own apartment, the newest tech gear and to drive the latest car just to show off how well you are doing.

I thought a lot about these things and came up with following things that are really important to myself:

1. Friends
2. Family
3. Freedom
4. Flexibility
5. Happiness

At the same time, as mentioned, the material possession I mentioned above, are a necessary to do the job I love so much (being a travel blogger.) Without MacBook, Smartphone, Passport, DSLR, GoPro etc. I simply couldn’t do this. I wouldn’t be able to write in Thailand, Mexico or from at home in Berlin and (hopefully) inspire you to travel or to follow your dreams.


Therefore the material things and the important things go hand in hand. This is what really is important to myself. Sometimes you just need a little bit of time to figure out these things and to write them down.

Did you ever think about the things that are really important to yourself? Share it with us, I look forward to read them!

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12 comments on “What is important to you? What would you take with you if your House would burn down?

  1. Hannah Darling on

    First – Get everybody to safety (duh!). This really did happen, and there were children at home!
    Second – Try to put out the fire (if it seems possible). Well yes, I put it out. No harm. Just a lot of smoke!

    But really, I do think about the question. I do love my smartphone,laptop and shoes (SHOES!) but in the end the things that really matter are those things that money can’t buy 😉

    And yeah, happiness means a LOT more than tangible objects!

  2. Kalli Hiller on

    You know I just got asked this in an interview too, and I said “Probably nothing. Travel teaches you that material possessions are not important.” Then, that night, I spilled water on my computer and it died. I think it was karma. I wanted to change my answer in the interview. Laptop! Definitely laptop.

  3. Synke on

    I would try to rescue anyone who is with me at that point. More generally spoken: family and friends are definitely most important to me. I am also very thankful to be living a independent life in peace.

  4. Wolf Op Den Berg on

    I’ve experienced my house being on fire. First, I transported my cats to a shed (as they are indoor cats), loaded my pc + external hdd’s (photo’s+recorded music) into my car, then the firemen told me to get out before things got too dangerous. I also had cash, carkeys and my phone and DSLR.
    I have quite some musical instruments and other stuff but didn’t bother getting it all out. Everything turned out fine, luckily. I was glad I didn’t panic.

  5. Lawrence Michaels on

    I would take my cats. They are basically my children without all the hassle. If I had more time, my guitar and my DSLR. Everything else could just burn for all I care. Things are just things, they have no real value and can be easily replaced.